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Monday, March 15, 2010

Arizona Sonora Border: 85 Human Beings Dead

March 15, 2010
Contact: Kat Rodriguez: 520.770.1373

Arizona Recovered Remains Reach 85, a 60% Increase From Last Year
By Derechos Humanos
Photo: International Migrant Quilt Project/Photo Brenda Norrell
Arizona -- The number of human remains recovered on the Arizona-Sonora border since October , 2009 has reached 85, reports the Tucson-based Coalición de Derechos Humanos. The data is comprised of medical examiner reports from Pima, Yuma, and Cochise counties, and is an attempt to reflect more accurately the human cost of failed U.S. border and immigration policies.

The count to date includes fifty-four (54) males, ten (10) females, and twenty-one (21) individuals of unknown gender. The identities of approximately sixty-five (65) of the recovered individuals remain unknown, which is approximately 76% of the total recovered thus far this fiscal year. This number is a 60.3% increase from last year, when the total of recovered remains as of February 28, 2009 was fifty-three (53). Approximately twenty-five (25), or 28.3% of the remains were skeletal, and sixty-five (65), or 76.4% remain unidentified.

The continued increase in the recovery of skeletal remains indicates that more and more individuals are being funneled into more isolated and desolate terrain of the Arizona-Sonora border. This "Funnel Effect," which has been documented by the Binational Migration Institute*, has shown that the practice of sealing traditional crossing points ultimately pushes migration into the deadliest areas. The extent of this crisis is not known as the numbers of human remains recovered in neighboring states are not available.

"The cold, along with the continued effects of the Funnel Effect, has resulted in a horrifically high number of skeletal remains and deaths due to exposure and hypothermia." says Kat Rodriguez, Coordinator of Derechos Humanos. "We also continue to see the tragic trend of the recovery of remains of unknown gender, which make up about 24.7% of the numbers this year. This means that approximately one in four individuals recovered are of unknown gender, making identification all the more difficult."

'Unknown gender' indicates that not enough of a body was recovered to determine gender, and without DNA, which is costly, it is impossible to know even this basic information about the individual, making identification and return to their families even more difficult. The dramatic increase in these unknown gender cases are a troubling indicator of what might be to come as people are pushed out into more and more isolated areas, making rescue and detection less likely and the likelihood of death more certain. It is unknown how many remains are currently near the border but have not yet been discovered.

"The continued appalling issue of human remains being recovered on the Arizona-Sonora border should be a measure we use when offered "comprehensive immigration reform"" continues Rodriguez. "We must strengthen our resolve to reject any proposal of reform that does not immediately and meaningfully address the issue of border deaths, and does not ensure dignity and respect for the human rights of all migrant and immigrant communities."
* The complete BMI study, The "Funnel Effect" & Recovered Bodies of Unauthorized Migrants Processed by the Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner, 1990-2005, is available on the Derechos Humanos website:
The complete list of recovered remains is available on the Coalición de Derechos Humanos website: This information is available to anyone who requests it from us and is used by our organization to further raise awareness of the human rights crisis we are facing on our borders.
Coalición de Derechos Humanos
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To Palestine with Love, Honoring the Youths

To Palestine with Love, Honoring the Youths
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Photo: Indigenous Delegation to Palestine from California and Kansas
In the movies, the good guys always seem to make it out alive, conquering all odds. But that is not the case in real life, especially in Gaza. Today Censored News honors the youths murdered in Palestine and the Indigenous Delegation from the US who went to Palestine.
We remember Rachel Corrie, 23, run over by an Israeli bulldozer and Tom Hurndall, 22, shot in the head by an Israeli sniper. Their lives are remembered with the countless Palestinian children and youths who have been murdered during the war carried out by Israel and the US on Palestine.
President Obama asked for $3 billion this year in the United States continued military aid to Israel, as the US economy collapses. The Huffington Post reports, "During the Bush Administration, Israel killed at least 3,107 innocent Palestinian civilians, according to the Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem. Israel also injured thousands more innocent Palestinians and destroyed billions of dollars of Palestinian civilian infrastructure including homes, schools, factories, government buildings, and even Palestine's only airport. The severity and scale of this killing and destruction were made possible by hi-tech U.S. weapons provided to Israel at taxpayer expense."
In the US, the Israeli apartheid contractor Elbit Systems, the Israeli defense contractor providing surveillance at the Palestine border, was subcontracted by Boeing for spy surveillance in the construction of the US/Mexico border wall.
Around the world, youths offer hope.
An Indigenous Delegation to Palestine, from Kansas and California, in 2009 said, "There are lots of connections between the indigenous communities in the United States and the Palestinian community: both the corporations and governments that have oppressed them and the strategies of resistance that they’ve used to fight back."
Censored News honors these youths for making a difference.
Rachel Corrie
Rachel Corrie Memorial Site:
Amy Goodman Interviews the Parents of Rachel Corrie
Amy Goodman Special to
Foreword by Tim King
(HAIFA, Israel) - Rachel Corrie was a college student from Washington state who tried to slow the destruction of Palestinian homes in Gaza. She was run down by an Israeli military bulldozer operator while she communicated with him on a bullhorn.
Court hears from activist who saw Corrie killed (March 2010)
Tom Hurndall
Thomas "Tom" Hurndall (27 November 1981 – 13 January 2004) was a British photography student, a volunteer for the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), and an activist against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. On 11 April 2003, he was shot in the head in the Gaza Strip by an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) sniper, Taysir Hayb. Hurndall was left in a coma and died nine months later.
Hayb was convicted of manslaughter and obstruction of justice by an Israeli military court in April 2005 and sentenced to eight years in prison.[1] On 10 April 2006, a British inquest jury returned a verdict of unlawful killing meaning "intentionally killed", or, according to the Hurndall family QC, murdered.[2][3]
Tom's mother Jocelyn Hurndall has written a biography of him called Defy the Stars: The Life and Tragic Death of Tom Hurndall, published in April 2007 and reprinted in May 2008 with the alternative title My Son Tom: The Life and Tragic Death of Tom Hurndall.
Tom Hurndall Foundation:
Also see:
Indigenous Delegation to Palestine:
(Photo: Palestine by Indigenous Delegation)
Israel Junkets Compromise US Congress

Larry Kibby: 'Extraction Service' Hate Crimes in US and Canada

By Larry Kibby

What I am going to write briefly about this evening is my own viewpoint/opinion and not that of my Reznews Membership.

Reality check! I understand, how many of you just got through watching the 2010 Winter Olympics. Bravo Canada! Bravo Canada! And of course the U.S. came out on top with the medals, only they got their butts kicked in hockey.
Canada, now one story comes to mind and here's a small sentence from that story. "The Native Women's Association of Canada said it has documented 520 cases of missing and murdered women over the last 30 years."
I had the opportunity to view a list of the 500 Missing Women in Canada, they were women and girls of all ages. For the most part, they were victims of hate crimes, pure racism towards the Indian people of Canada, not a pretty picture, but what makes this issue so real, is the article below, an article that brought attention to something very ugly going on in Canada and what is the British Government doing? Nothing!
Nothing at all and what about the issue of racism? Look in your own backyard America! Because if you think for one minute racism is not a genuine factor in this country, think again. Look at what Congress and the Senate are doing to the President, would they do the same if the President was not a President of Color?
They're playing with your lives, your well being and welfare because Corporate America feels it isn't being given a fair shake by the President and so what better way to play games with your lives then to commit an act of Mutiny against an African-American President. Well, that figures, because for the past 8 or 9 years, Congress, the Senate, President George W. Bush and Vice-president Dick Cheney sent this country and all of its American Citizens into a pit of hell and talk about racism, believe you me it was there.
And then, then there's the case of the Foreign Corporation from Canada doing business in this country and do you that the very same type of people who posted the ad in the article below, have family, relatives and friends working in the United States.
Think about it, because I know of at least one Corporation from Canada doing business here in the States that has been working at turning Indian against Indian and at the same time destroying Indian Culture and Belief's.
Our Canadian Relatives in the North are searching for "Justice." We are searching for "Justice." Time to stop the "Injustice" in Canada and throughout Indian Country. These matter's of Racism are becoming real and they can get ugly. Just think about the 500 Missing Canadian First Nations Women and Teens.

Ad offering 'Native Extraction Service' condemned
Last Updated: Thursday, March 4, 2010 3:44 PM CT

First Nations leaders in Manitoba are expressing outrage about an online classified ad that offered to round up and "extract" aboriginal youth from parts of Winnipeg and transport them like wild animals to reserves or an area of the city where many aboriginal people live.

The ad, titled "Native Extraction Service," was posted on the website, but was taken down by 1:38 p.m. CT on Thursday.

Underneath the title was a picture of three aboriginal males, who look to be in their mid to late teens.
The text of the ad read: "Have you ever had the experience of getting home to find those pesky little buggers hanging outside your home, in the back alley or on the corner???

"Well fear no more, with my service I will simply do a harmless relocation. With one phone call I will arrive and net the pest, load them in the containment unit (pickup truck) and then relocate them to their habitat.

"It doesn't matter if they need to be dropped off on Salter (Street, in Winnipeg's North End) or the rez, I will go that extra mile. The North End of Winnipeg is where many city dwellers of First Nations descent live.

"My service is free because I want to live in the same city you do, a clean one," the ad said.

On Thursday, First Nations leaders at Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak (MKO), an organization representing most First Nations communities in northern Manitoba, said they want police to investigate the ad as a hate crime.
"The way it's worded, 'to relocate them to their habitat.' Here we are trying to teach our kids better. The kids out there are told they're not wanted, said MKO Grand Chief David Harper.
"This is unacceptable," he added.

The website where the ad was posted is owned by a Victoria-based company called Black Press, which owns a separate enterprise called

That business operates 47 online classified sites, including the site.

On Thursday, apologized for the ad, which had been posted at midnight on Wednesday.

General manager Tish Hill said it was pulled after users deemed it offensive. Hill said that although the company conducts active monitoring of ads that get placed, offensive material does slip through on occasion.

While Hill said she would not reveal to CBC News who posted the ad, she said the information would be turned over to police should they choose to investigate. Posted/Forward by: Larry Kibby -
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US: Contractors hired to kill people

Democracy Now! Report: Contractors Tied to Effort to Track and Kill Militants
The Pentagon has launched a criminal investigation of a Defense Department official who set up a network of private contractors in Afghanistan and Pakistan to help track and kill suspected militants. The New York Times reports the official, Michael Furlong, has been accused of running an off-the-books spy operation with the help of private contractors who gathered intelligence on the whereabouts of suspected militants and the location of insurgent camps. It is generally considered illegal for the military to hire contractors to act as covert spies. Two of the contractors hired by the military were the writer Robert Young Pelton and Eason Jordan, the former chief news executive for CNN. Pelton said he and Jordan were hired by the military to run a public website to help the government gain a better understanding of the region but that their reporting was then used to kill people.