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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mohawk Nation News: Caribbean 'Jump Out' Squads

Mohawk Nation News

MNN. Jan. 19, 2010. In a revealing exchange with Grok, we agreed the US economy may soon be going over the edge.
US paper money collapsing because it’s a fraud; and the public’s survival instinct neutralized or disconnected.
The Caribbean Islands are aligned with South America through ALBA. ALBA helped them get out from under the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Remember, the Western Hemisphere is Indigenous!
U.S. strategy is divide and conquer, subversion, death squads, co-opting leaderships, starving, brutalizing, environmental destruction and killing. They use quick, decisive, overwhelming and brutal force.
The US could launch hits against South America from Haiti, Puerto Rico, Guadaloupe, Dominica and so on.
Can they handle united resistance? None love their imperialist Anglo-Euro masters. They want to be free.
China and Russia are allied with most of South America and much of the 'former' enslaved world that is not blinded by ideology. The U.S./NATO imperialists cannot sustain a long-term, brutal 'total war', no matter how lethal are their toys.
Will the US pull the plug on the Planet and go nuclear, if they see they're losing?
These nut bars cannot wipe out the natural world which can do very well without them. Those tied to our Great Mother Earth, like plants, animals, water, air and resources beneath, upon and over us are going to hang on.
When the Euros arrived on Onowaregeh/Great Turtle Island and tried to kill off most of us, our ancestors figured out how to survive. We did not rely on a fatalistic entity or prayers. We used our minds and our connection to the natural world. Onowaregeh is our birthright and identity. Some of us will be spared, just like before.
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