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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Long walkers speak to Nez Perce youths about diabetes

Photo by Longest Walk 3 northern route

More photos of walkers and students:

Chris Francisco said on Thursday, March 3, 2011: "We visited the elementary, junior high and high schools in Lapwai, Idaho. It was a pleasure to speak to the kids about the dangers of diabetes, especially the elementary students. They had a lot of questions and they listened very well. Thank you for allowing us to speak in your schools. Aho!"

The Longest Walk northern route is preparing to set out in the direction of Missoula, Montana.

On Friday, Chris said, "Today is our day off from all the hard work we put in and we are going to continue to enjoy the Nez Perce community. They're beautiful people. The young people have been running laps for us during their PE hour and the community have been walking on their own time to help add on miles for us cross the Lolo Pass. The Lolo Pas is dangerous and narrow from we heard so that will helps us get across safely. Aho!!!!"
Update Friday night: Chris said, "Hello everyone. We will be in Missoula on Saturday and have places to stay. But we will need a support vehicle because one driver left us in Lapwai. So we have only 2 support vehicles now and need another for our gear and supplies. We still need gas cards or gas money. We have a Pay Pal account on our site and facebook. We'll keep you updated."

Long Walk 3 northern route website:

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