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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Los Alamos: Nuclear industry shatters lives of Pueblos

Counter Currents: Los Alamos National Lab's nuclear industry shatters the land and well-being of Pueblos

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Counter Currents reveals the horror and destruction brought to the Pueblos in northern New Mexico by the Los Alamos National Laboratories.
"We never had leukemia in our children, now we do, in Santa Clara and the San Ildefonso Pueblos," Santa Clara Pueblo's Marian Naranjo tells Counter Currents.
The article by Subhankar Banerje, Las Conchas Fire Woke Us Up: Let Us Now Stop, The Plutonium Bomb Factory, reveals the dangers of nuclear energy, and its effect on Native Americans, a subject often censored by the mainstream media.
Banerjee writes, "Marian Naranjo shared with me their spiritual beliefs about the land they inhabit, 'The Pajarito Plateau on which Los Alamos National Lab was built is a sacred place to the native pueblo people since time immemorial. Look at the Bandelier National Monument, our ancestors lived there, but right now it is threatened by this fire. There are 19 fingers in the Pajarito Plateau that you call canyons. Those are sacred to us. That is where the springs are. Fire is sacred to us, as it replenishes life. Cloud is sacred to us, as we wait for rain. Rain is sacred to us, as it keeps everything alive in the desert. But after Los Alamos was built, our spiritual belief system has been shattered.'"
Read story:

Also watch video interview with Tewa Women United:
Tewa Women United speak out against the nuclear industry and the contamination of sacred Jemez Mountains by Los Alamos National Laboratories. Interviewed live at the US Social Forum in Detroit on Friday, June 25, 2010, by Earthcycles, Pueblo women describe the contamination from Los Alamos in northern New Mexico. Open air burning and the burial of radioactive substances exposes generations of Pueblos to risks. Beata Tsosie Pena said, "We live in the desert and our water supply is very precious to us. Water is our life. I'm scared for my children. I'm scared for my grandchildren. I'm scared for my elders." Tewa Women United

FLYTILLA activists in Israeli prison 'held like dogs'

Flytilla activists in Israeli prison held like dogs, with cockroaches in blistering heat

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Photo: Kathy Kelly and Missy Lane, US Boat to Gaza, deported from Israel
A dark day for Israel, US and Greece
UPDATE MONDAY: 40 French held in detention, including nine-year-old

Flytilla activists trying to reach Palestine were imprisoned, and transported with cockroaches in blistering heat, according to Aljazeera reporter David Poort, arrested with Flytilla activists. On Monday, Israeli authorities said the majority of the 120 who were denied entry remained imprisoned.
The French Consulate said 40 French are in detention, including a nine-year-old. Another 200 activists were prevented from boarding planes in Europe, resulting in protests and arrests in Paris.
Two American women from the Gaza Flotilla II were deported from Tel Aviv airport by Israel on Friday, as imprisoned Flytilla activists from Belgium began a hunger strike in Beer Al-Saba prison.
"We were held like dogs," Poort said, upon release from prison.
Poort reported in Aljazeera, with photos from the bus transport.
"Ten men were crammed into a space of roughly 3X5 square metres that was infested with cockroaches. The activists on the bus started singing and chanting and demanded to see a lawyer, but were told by the Israeli border police to 'shut up' and were threatened with violence if they didn't.
"I don't want to hurt you but I certainly will if I have to," shouted an officer after opening the door to the cell in which the activists were held. When the singing and chanting continued, the border police officers started spraying water through the bars of the cell. 'Dogs are treated better in my country,'" Bilal, a 24-year-old student from Brussels, said.
The US Boat to Gaza reports that Kathy Kelly and Missy Lane, from the US in both the flotilla and flytilla, were put on a plane back to Athens at the Tel Aviv airport.
"Arriving at Tel-Aviv airport earlier today, US Boat to Gaza members were taken to what Israeli guards called 'the immigration hotel' and deported," the boat delegation said on Friday.
Peace activists arriving by plane in Tel Aviv, were imprisoned without any charges filed.
On Monday, the French Consulate said 40 French were among those being held, including a nine-year-old, who clearly represented no danger to Israel.
On Sunday, 13 Germans, 22 Belgians and a Spanish activist were placed on two flights for deportation, after being imprisoned.
Also on Sunday, RT News reported that attorneys are being denied access to activists being held in Israeli prisons.
Elderly activists from Britain were denied food and water, while being crammed into small prisoner transport vehicles, without air conditioning for hours, and taken to prison. They included John Lynes, 83, a retired academic, and Audrey Gray, 77, a retired nurse and Methodist lay preacher.
Twelve people from the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign -- British, Welsh and Scottish -- were held at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport on Friday. The group’s chairman, university teacher Mick Napier, 64, was one of four Scots detained.
Women from Belgium, and an Irish woman who now lives in Wales, are among those reported imprisoned.
Wales Online reports four women shackled and imprisoned: Pippa Bartolotti, 57, the deputy leader of the Wales Green Party, Dee Murphy, 56, from Swansea, a founder member of Swansea Palestine Community Link, Fiona Williams, 46, from Mumbles, and Joyce Giblin from Newport.
The International Solidarity Movement reported during the weekend, "Over 120 internationals attempting to visit Palestine are still being illegally detained — kidnapped — in two Israeli detention centers, in Ramle and in Beer Al-Saba’ (Beersheva). These friends of Palestine, among which there are minors and elderly persons with medical conditions, have been and are being mistreated and subjected to unnecessary brutality.
"For example, Dr. Hikmat Al-Sabty, 57, of Rostock, Germany, is being denied needed medication that is in his suitcase; this was reported to his wife by the German Embassy in Tel Aviv, but his wife has not been allowed to speak with him directly. All of those detained have stated repeatedly that they are non-violent and want only to accept the invitation to visit together with Palestinian friends in the program 'Welcome to Palestine.'"
In Beer Al-Saba prison, eleven Flytilla activists, including one 16-year-old girl, began a hunger strike in protest over the airflotilla detainment. A message was taken out by a German who was released, with their demands:
1) Immediate and unconditional freedom to travel to Palestine and take part in the activities of “Welcome to Palestine”
2) Immediate and free access to the other groups of the initiative
3) Access to international communication so that we can directly inform our families and friends
4) The European states have to defend the interests of their citizens and their humanitarian and political rights – especially the right of free movement
5) An independent investigation of the attitudes and the practices of the European airlines
Meanwhile, the French boat Dignity in the flotilla was allowed to leave Crete on Saturday.
Flytilla activists were halted from boarding their planes in Europe this week, while others were deported or arrested at the Tel Aviv airport. Protest followed in Paris.
Facebook helped governments spy on, and arrest, Flytilla activists to Palestine and aided in the creation of airline blacklists:
Before the US activists departed for the Gaza Freedom Flotilla II, the Obama Administration, and the US State Department, threatened peace activists with fines and arrest if they participated.
The US Boat to Gaza carried letters of friendship and support for Palestinians.

Wixaritari seek alliances to halt Canada's mining on sacred land in Mexico

Wixaritari support in Northwest
Efforts of Indian community to Indian community temporarily halt silver mining on sacred land
By Franks Landing Indian Community.
Censored News
Photo copyrights: Photo 1 Wixaritari meets with Franks Landing and Puyallup Indian communities in Washington State by Robert Free. Photo 2 by Brenda Norrell Cancun Climate Summit, Wixarika with Robert Free, O'odham Ofelia Rivas and Gwich'in Sarah James.

The Franks Landing Indian Community, located in Washington State near the Nisqually River, has long struggled to retain and exercise Indigenous sovereignty. The community makes alliances and supports other Indigenous peoples’ efforts to excise sovereignty and protect their territories and the resources within.

Recently Franks Landing Indian Community met with the Wixaritari of Mexico, responding to their request for help to stop a Canadian mining company from mining on their sacred mountains.

This was an Indian community to Indian community effort; Indian to Indian, with great results. Below is a link to a PowerPoint of our recent efforts to support the Wixaritari. It will update you on recent efforts of the anti-mining movement of the Wixaritari

These efforts -- of Indian to Indian communities -- forced Real Majestic Silver Mine to declare a one year moratorium and not do any mining on the sacred mountain in Winakuta!

We reach out to all to join us in the ongoing efforts to stop mining companies on Indigenous lands. We are aware of the good work many do in public awareness with other NGOs in the global community. Several international NGOs are standing in solidarity with the Wixaritari and focusing on mining on Indigenous lands. We ask you to help focus and spotlight the role of Canada's mining companies.

Canada's companies are the largest extractors of mineral wealth on the planet. The devastation on Indigenous lands and peoples requires a strong alliance focusing on their role. We ask that a spotlighting campaign on mining on Indigenous lands in general be conducted.

1. Franks Landing Indian Community organized these recent events:
--A delegation of Wixaritari people to Washington State and to Canada for the month of May, at their request, to confront the global headquarters of the Real Majestic Silver Mining companies annual share holders meeting held in Vancouver BC.
--Provided meetings between tribal leaders and councils here to build solidarity and to educate and explore options. The delegates and talking sticks were received according to tribal protocols, with permission to speak in the territories of Coast Salish lands.
--Conducted three protest marches in Seattle and Vancouver, at Majestic World Headquarters and the Canadian and Mexican consulates.
--Wixaritari delegate Jesus Lara Chivarra was taken to northern Saskatchewan where he was adopted, given a name and presented with a Pipe made for the occasion with a butterfly noting the transformation of alliance between the north and south.
--The  Native American Church of Canada invited the Wixaritari. They were invited by Native American Church of Canada President Kelly Daniels and Floyd Favel of the University of Saskatchewan. Terry Daniels and other respected elders headed the elders reception that adopted Jesus and presented the Pipe of friendship and alliance.
Also, the mining resistance alliance of Canada fighting Goldcorp, joined with Native anti-mining efforts, and formed an alliance to support the Wixaritari struggle.
--Conducted two conferences in Vancouver, composed of several tribes and anti-mining alliances; held press conferences with the Union of BC Chiefs, national television interviews, including a special with the ATPN Aboriginal Peoples Television Network.
--What is needed are more Indigenous organizations from the north stepping forward in the front line with the Wixarika people, who are facing the blatant destruction by these companies. The home of the Wixaritari, numbering 50,000 to 70,000 in Mexico, also known as Huicholes, is the place of the origin of the Hikuri (peyote) ceremonies, with over 1 million Indigenous practices here in the US and Canada.
2. We propose to groups, communities, NGOs and schools the following:
Wixaritari representatives, such as Jesus Lara Chivarra, who are designated by his community and an elected representative of the Wixaritari Defense front, address the conferences and present first hand the experiences they are facing and the strategies being planned. It is an opportunity for all to be part of these efforts and make mining a spotlighted issue facing Indigenous Peoples.
--We are asking for help to sponsor their trip to conferences, allow the delegate, (or delegates) time on agendas and for groups and communities to receive them and build alliance and solidarity.
3. Upcoming events:
---In the fall of 2011: The Wixaritari is preparing to confront the Canadian parliament, when new rules of conduct for Canadian mining companies will be debated.
4. Major concerns of the Wixaritari:
Many NGOs are speaking and writing articles on websites, raising money and resources on the Wixaritari's behalf without asking for their presence to speak for themselves.
Most NGOs are paternalistic to the Wixaritari, talking down to them and keeping them in the dark as to the NGO activities.
More transparency is needed regarding their resources and funding. So far, none of the NGOs have shown a financial report to them.
5. We are hoping to have an Indigenous organization that could be the role model for other organizations to follow. To that end, maybe your boards and its staff could be that model by:
--Working directly with the Wixarkari, to help in the fight against Canadian mining in Mexico.
--Using your web/media site in consultation with the Wixaritari to articulate their battle.
--Help raise funds on websites and link to their NGO in Mexico, via PayPal, to support them and list their needs.
--Develop a mutual relationship at the same level possible, with global travel to have them speak on the issues themselves.
--The Wixaritari have taken on the Mexican and Canadian governments and companies. The issues of NAFTA, environment destruction, and sacred sites all are some of the relevant issues. These same efforts of grassroots peoples and organizations are occurring on the Wixaritari territories. Their sacred site, where the sun was born and the annual prayers for the earth are conducted, is paramount to the Wixarkari. The siphoning off of the water by the mining is crucial to the valleys where 90 percent of their sacred medicine Hikuri comes from.
--The recent efforts in May show the sophistication of strategy being implemented between grassroots peoples and communities and their allies. A huge rally in Mexico City involved thousands of marchers and demanded a moratorium on mining. There, a letter was delivered to the President of Mexico in May. Two delegates were sent to address the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York and to create alliances and awareness. Three demonstrations occurred on the same day at the Vancouver mining headquarters, Canadian and Mexican consulates in Seattle and Los Angeles. Alliances were made with local tribes, as well as with the international Indigenous spiritual gathering in Lillooett, BC, where they stayed and spoke.
--Most of all their videos and publications are in Spanish. They need websites that have the English versions to help educate the NGOs and others not yet aware of this effort.
--Lets discuss how to make this alliance between northern communities, NGOs and the Wixaritari a reality. The Frank's Landing community provided months of support and organizing towards the effort and look forward to expanding support for the Wixaritari.
--If they were to be invited by your community or group to speak and participate, a letter is needed to get a visa. We would need your group to support them with a plane ticket and other accommodations.
--Frank's Landing provided the financial resources to the Wixaritari’s northern tour and can no long continue at this time. The Wixaritari feel that it is paramount to prepare for the talks in Canada on mining regulation and create more alliances with groups and ask for their participation and support. Influencing the upcoming laws will have a profound and long time impact on Indigenous lands, in the north and south and globally.
We hope the PowerPoint gives you a sense of the leaders we are working with and the efforts underway.
To put it simply, we are trying to get NGOs to stand with the Wixaritari, or behind them, but not in front of them.
We look forward to working and collaborating together to protect our Mother Earth.
In solidarity,
Suzette Bridges
Sid Mills
Franks Landing Indian Community
Please follow up with Robert Free, FLIC Community Liaison:

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