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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

KPFK: US cover-up of nuclear testing of Indigenous in Marshall Islands

U.S. Government Cover-up of Nuclear Testing on Indigenous Peoples
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Part 1
Irradiation of Marshall Islanders
was no accident
Adam Horowitz, Director, Producer and Writer, joins us live to discuss the documentary, Nuclear Savage: The Islands of Secret Project 4.1(, PBS has refused to broadcast over the past year. Adam has been forced to undergo numerous revisions, yet the film has not broadcasted to date. Using U.S. declassified documents, interviews with Indigenous peoples from the Marshall Islands, the film uncovers how the U.S. government conducted nuclear testing, from 1946 to 1958, above ground or near Bikini and Enewetok atolls. The film shows, the heavily exposed people of Rongelap were then enrolled as human subjects in the top secret Project 4.1, evacuated to another contaminated (radioactive) island, and studied for radioactive fallout for over 30 years. Adam joins us live for the most of the hour for station Winter Fund Drive. The DVD will be exclusively available on tonight’s show.

Navajoland Billboard reveals Dine' cheated by BHP coal

Navajoland billboard reveals Dine' cheated by BHP coal and Navajo Nation government

By Dine' CARE
Censored News

Purpose: Members of Diné C.A.R.E., Honor the Treaties, and Diné community advocates collaborated on a Billboard project to provide a powerful message to the people. The Billboard states the monies used for the Navajo Mine purchase and Johnny Naize’s misuse of discretionary funds. The message is to empower the people to “Speak Up!” because millions of dollars of Navajo Nation monies are being spent without transparency and accountability.

Location: The Billboard is located on U.S. Highway 64, directly across Hogback Trading Post in New Mexico – 10 miles east of Shiprock, NM.

Voices from Community Members:
“A reason for a billboard in this day and time is to tell a story, a story of how we got cheated of millions of dollars. This billboard tells the story of how BHP Billiton, a billion dollar company has taken advantage of us Diné people and our leaders allowed that to happen. No public hearings, no feedback on money spent on the mine purchase, our sovereignty was waived without our knowledge, completely no transparency in this action,” says Sarah Jane White, Burnham community member.

"Art acts as a political megaphone for the voiceless and transcends language barriers. It also plays a pivotal role in raising awareness and shaping people's opinions. This project is very unique in its statement, mixed media approach, and the youth involvement," says Tom Greyeyes of Honor the Treaties.

Contact: For more information, contact Sarah Jane White at (505) 608-1002 or contact Lori Goodman at (970) 759-1908 or email us at

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