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Friday, February 28, 2014

Mohawk Nation News 'Last Queen, Last Pope'


MNN. Feb. 28, 2014. Soon the British monarch, her family, and her minions, as per the Magna Carta, will be removed by the people of England. When that happens, all her corporate assets – Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand – will revert to the true owners. The “Crown” based in the Vatican and all their banking tentacles throughout the world will fall.  The Pope is the Emperor of Rome. Everyone who takes an oath to a criminal is a criminal. They will be dealt with.
Queen: "No. We wont trade jobs. Mine is to kill and pillage. Yours is to put away the money!"
Queen: “No. We won’t trade jobs. Mine is to kill & pillage. Yours is to pacify & salt away the money!”

The Kaianerekowa will then be applied on Great Turtle Island. The Onkwehonwe will deal with the “masters of war” using our law and new technology, to clean up their mess. These criminals will answer to the people for each one of the 100 million Indigenous they murdered.
The oligarchy teaches that whoever has the most money makes the rules. The revolution has begun in each person’s mind. We are each sovereign in our own mind. Anyone can tell us what they think, not what to think. The spiritual frequency changes that will occur on our Mother Earth will cause everyone to remember everything from every past life.  
The waters of truth will clean everything. The oligarchy will be washed away. Once the earth begins her cleansing, there will be no more lies, murder or destruction.
We Onkwehonwe were to teach them to love and take care of each other and every living thing attached to the earth in our communities. The weapons of war will be buried under the Tree of Peace for all time.
The Black Wampum will be applied to all the criminals.
The black beads hit the floor. Then warrior smashes criminal's head.
The black wampum hits the floor. Then warrior smashes criminal’s head.
They will have one last chance to become of one mind with us. When the War Chief drops the black wampum they can grab it before it hits the floor. If they do not grasp it, the men will bash in their heads with war clubs. Their brains will be on the floor next to the black wampum. This will happen in all Great Turtle Island communities. The cleansing will include their entire family. Genocide has always been their plan for us. The DNA memory of those who did the genocide  will be erased from mankind. They and their weapons will be buried, never to be seen again.
 Elizabeth and Francis will be the last Monarch and the last Pope. Good riddance!

As Johnny Cash foretold, the oligarchs will be cast into a burning ring of fire, and they will go down, down, down, and the flames will shoot higher. And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire! Johnny Cash. “Ring of Fire”.

Family names of Crown and Its Minions. The Crown & Its Minions. Wall Street.
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Photos Carter Camp honored at Wounded Knee Liberation Day 2014

Honoring Carter Camp, Ponca Wounded Knee Warrior at Liberation Day Wounded Knee 2014

Photos by Carter Camp's niece Julie Camp, Casey Camp-Horinek's daughter, thank you for sharing with Censored News. Casey Camp-Horinek and family members at today's Liberation Day at Wounded Knee 2014.
More photos of today:

Terrance Nelson: Canadian Border Turns Away Native Americans

Southern Chiefs Grand Chief Terrance Nelson

By Terrance Nelson

SCO Grand Chief Terrance Nelson

Vice Chair American Indian Movement
Censored News
February 28 2014
Good Morning Tom
It has been a long time since we talked and I am so glad to know that you are the elected Tribal Chairman of Lac Du Flambeau again. I was Chief of Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation for 5 terms and I used to deal with Native Americans who would call us about being denied entry into Canada at the Emerson Border Crossing. Roseau River is nine miles from the US Border so they would call us to help them.
Lac Du Flambeau tribal members Donna Larsen and Joh Clah slept in their car overnight last night because they weren't allowed to cross the Border at Highway 59 Crossing. I spend 40 minutes on the phone this morning until I finally talked to the Supervisor Inspector Johns at the Emerson Border Crossing to see if they would allow Donna and Joh across. 

Earthcycles Live from BC: Indigenous Caucus planning UN agenda 2014

Watch live streaming video from earthcycles at
Govinda is live in BC at the North America Caucus, where the planning will be underway for the agenda for the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in NY.
Govinda said, "We have arrived in Kamloops, BC for the North American Peoples Caucus Preparatory Meeting for the 13th session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. There will be a Live Web Cast as well as Follow along, and send us any insights / feedback on the chat window on the earthcycles livestream or leave a note."

Natives to Oscars Depp: Not your Tonto

Depp's Oscar nomination
Native Americans Protest 'The Lone Ranger' Oscar Nomination for Redface

Jacqueline Keeler
Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry
Censored News

PORTLAND, Oregon  Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry, a group of Native parents from across the country are protesting the nomination of 'The Lone Ranger' for an Academy Award in makeup, basically, for Redface. To this end, they are conducting a “Twitterstorm” under the hashtag #NotYourTonto and will try to trend the hashtag both the Saturday night before the Oscars and during the Oscar broadcast.
“There is a double standard regarding Native people and this dehumanizes us to our fellow Americans and reduces their actual knowledge of who we are today. As part of our continued focus on Redface and its continued acceptance by Americans, we are conducting a social media protest of 'The Lone Ranger's' Oscar nomination for Redface. No film today would be nominated for an award for Yellowface or Blackface,” says Jacqueline Keeler, a Navajo/Yankton Dakota Sioux mother and one of the group's founders.
The group EONM, has been fighting Redface in both media and in sports. They trended #NotYourMascot nationally during the Super Bowl and demanded and received an apology to Native parents and their children from Sonic Drive-in for a racist sign that appeared at a Sonic Drive-in in Belton, Missouri during a Washington Redsk*ns/Kansas City Chiefs game in December of last year. Their goal is to eliminate the practice of Native Mascotry—the racist and sterotypical antics seen by fans at games dressed in Redface, and to improve the modern understanding of Native people and Indian Sovereignty to all Americans. They see the Academy of Motion Pictures awarding a film for Redface as counter to this goal and wish to see more Native screenwriters and filmmakers involved in the actual writing and direction of films about Native people. 

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