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June 22, 2015



 Voiceless tribal members to send message by horseback

By Willa Powless
Censored News

CHILOQUIN, Oregon -- Horseback riders have saddled up and began a 250 mile trek to the Oregon State Capitol. The ride is organized by the group “Honor the Treaty of 1864”. Riders began their horse trek Thursday morning at Pine Ridge road in Chiloquin, Oregon. They expect to arrive at the state capitol on Wednesday and will be holding a rally to begin about 5pm.

The rally at the state capitol will be touching on various issues including tribal water rights, the Klamath Basin Water Agreements, Senate Bill 133, and the LNG Pipeline. 

The group ride stands for the right for the voice of the Klamath, Modoc, and Yahooskin people to be heard. While tribal politicians often publicize their agenda it is rare that the tribal people have an opportunity to have their voice heard. Tribal member Garin Riddle stated that “The ride shows the lengths we are willing to endure to exercise our right to be fully heard and understood. We the people are against fracking pipelines, we are against Senate Bill 133, and we are against any negotiations relinquishing our treaty rights. “

Quinten Bettles the ride organizer said “The riders are carrying with them an Oregon State flag that was obtained by Priscilla Bettles from former Oregon Governor Tom Mcall and given to Marine Cecil J. Bettles when he shipped out to Vietnam. As Cecil was leaving Vietnam he met Marine Ray Fryberg who just arrived in Vietnam. Ray Fryberg brought this flag home and gave the state flag to Marine Quinten J. Bettles whom passed the flag once again. This flag was passed to a 7th Generation Marine named Cecil K. Bettles whom carried the colors throughout his tour in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004. Marine Cecil K. Bettles brought the flag home once again and this is the flag that is being carried to the State Capitol. This Oregon State flag was carried with honor at peril of life and limb by United States Marines who are also Tribal people. Riders plan to present the flag to Governor Kate Brown and ask her ‘Will you Honor the treaty of 1864’?”

Supporters are welcome to join in Salem or along the route. To offer support or join the rally please contact Eric Cooper or Quinten Bettles

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Photos courtesy of the Bettles Family

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