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June 23, 2015

Sen. Flake of Oak Flat giveaway took money from white supremacists

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, who teamed up with Sen. John McCain, to sneak the theft of Apache land for copper mining into the defense bill, received donation from white supremacists

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake -- who is responsible for the giveaway of sacred Apache Oak Flat to copper mining -- took money from white supremacists. Sen. Flake and Arizona Sen. John McCain are responsible for sneaking the rider into the defense spending bill which gives sacred Apache land to Resolution copper.
Sen. Flake was among the Republicans who attracted and received financial donations from white supremacists.
The Guardian reported, "The leader of a rightwing group that Dylann Roof allegedly credits with helping to radicalise him against black people before the Charleston church massacre has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Republicans ..."
Sen. Flake received $1,000 from the white supremacists. After the exposure by the media, Sen. Flake said he will give the money to charity. Flake's press secretary said Monday the senator is donating his $1,000 to the fund set up in Charleston to help the shooting victims' families. However, there has been no response from South Carolina as to whether the charity wants the money from white supremacists.
Meanwhile, Apaches are preparing to lead a national caravan to DC in July to press for repeal of the law which gives sacred Oak Flat to Resolution copper mining.
As usual, it will be up to Native Americans with the least financial means to make their way to Washington, and press for the repeal, following the deceptive scheme of the wealthy Congressmen -- Senators Flake and McCain -- who are responsible for the Oak Flat giveaway to copper mining.
As usual, it will be up to those with the least financial means to defend the Earth from the US Congressmen and their corporate mining partners who continuously seek to destroy Arizona with mining and destruction.

Below, photos reveal the destruction to central Arizona at Clifton, from the Morenci copper mine, in the same region as Oak Flat.


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