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June 11, 2015

WATCH VIDEO 'Disrobing Serra: Saint or Monster?' on Chumash Nation


Published on Jun 9, 2015

Disrobing Serra: Saint or Monster? Panel Discussion (Part 1 of 7)
Watch Parts 1 -- 7:
Recorded by Indigenous Media Insititute IMI
Date: May 30th, 2015
English/Dutch for text

Location: Chumash Nation (Santa Barbara, CA); Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara.

Earlier in 2015, Pope Francis announced the canonization of Father Junipero Serra, the principal architect of the Spanish California Mission System (1769-1831). Serra is well-known for overseeing the mission system and establishing brutally harsh policies directed at Indigenous peoples and their respective First Nations prior to the emergence of Alta California; thus resulting in various forms of genocide. Contrary to the mythology taught in the California Public School System and Missions themselves (as tourist sites), 12 (non) Indigenous people from various segments of societies (community leaders, activist, Christians, etc...) speak on the international ramifications and oppositions of canonizing Father Junipero Serra by Pope Francis. 

Opening Ceremony

Panel One: International Ramifications of Canonization

Moderator: Marcus Lopez Sr., Co-Chair of the Barbareno Chumash Council "iyalmuwic", Senior Producer of American Indian Airwaves.

Valentin Lopez, Chairman of the Amah Mutsun Band of Constantan/Ohlone Nation

Elias Castillo, author of "A Cross of Thorns: the Enslavement of California Indians by the Spanish Missions".

Deana Dartt-Newton (Chumash Nation), Ph.D. Anthropology

Roberta Cordero, Chumash Nation, Coastal Band of the Chumash Nation

Tia Oros-Peters, Zuni Nation, Executive Director of the 7th Generation Fund for Indigenous Development

Shannon Rivers, Akimel O'odham Nation, former Chair of the Global Indigenous Peoples Caucus for the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

Fuifuilupe Niumeitolu, Tongan, PhD Candidate, Department of Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley

Question-and-Answer Session by audience participants.

Closing of Panel One: International Ramifications of Canonization.

Panel Two: Catholic and Christians against Canonization

Moderator: Valentin Lopez, Chairman of the Amah Mutsun Band of Constantan/Ohlone Nation

Sacheen Littlefeather, Apache/Yaqui Nations, Indigenous Elder and Activist

Georgianna Sanchez, Chumash/O'odham Nations, Elder, Activist, Scholar, Essayist, and Storyteller

Mary Valdemar, Co-Founder of CHICCCAA, San Bernardino, CA

Donna Schindler, Cross-Cultural Psychiatry-Historical Trauma Focus
Greg Cotton, Christian Research Scientist & Human Rights Advocate

Question-and-Answer Session by audience members
This one-day discussion panel was organized by the Barbareno Chumash Council in conjunction with the American Indian Movement of Southern California.

Dutch translation by Alice Holemans, NAIS Gazette

Chumash Nation
 Vertaald door NAIS:
Disrobing Serra: Heilige of monster?
Panel discussie 
Opgenomen door Indigenous Media Institute IMI
30 mei 2015
Locatie: Chumash Nation (Santa Barbara, CA); Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara
De discussie -dag werd georganiseerd door de Barbareno Chumash Council in samenwerking met de American Indian Movement (AIM) van Zuid California

Eerder dit jaar heeft paus Franciscus de heiligverklaring aangekondigd van Vader Junipero Serra, de voornaamste architect van het Spaans Californië missiesysteem ( 1769-1831).
Van Serra is het welbekend dat hij toezicht hield op het missiesysteem en een brutaal en hardhandig beleid voerde tegen de inheemse volkeren en hun respectievelijke First Nations; dat resulteerde in verschillende vormen van genocide.
Strijdig met de mythologie die onderwezen wordt in het California Public School systeem en de missies zelf, spreken 12 (niet) inheemsen uit verschillende lagen van de gemeenschappen ( leiders van gemeenschappen, activisten, Christenen, enz.) over de internationale aspecten en oppositie van de heiligverklaring.

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