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April 6, 2016

Big Mountain Resistance Region, BIA-Hopi Impound Animals

Photos cattle seizure at Big Mountain

By NaBahii Keediniihii
Censored News

April 5, 2016 - Old Dams at Big Mountain - Images are a bit unclear as to what animals are being rounded up but its very likely horses. No immediate information came with the photos but one blurb states, "four stock trailers were filled with cattle." Other images seem to show police on horseback chasing horses in the distance. Invasion on traditional Dineh territory and areas of the 40 years of resistance in progress!

All major (dirt) routes within the Dineh resistance areas were recently improved, a sign of range policing. These are mere attacks by progressive Hopis (U.S.-supported corporate tribal board) against Dineh existence, genocidal tactics to obliterate the last of Dineh Big Mtn history and the ancient Dineh-Hopi cultural relations. Underlining these lands are not only coal but the so-called Mancos Shale (named after Mancos, CO) which are hundreds of feet thick and will likely accommodate fracking after coal dependence is gone. 

The worst part of the Big Mtn. Dineh resistance scenario, in addition to that, is that, people think "It's Over." But it either dies tomorrow or can be re-ignited in an instant with the potential for a long-term land-base, multi-cultural and diverse peoples' rebellion against regional and global environmental destruction.

I (we) have not, so far, heard of any claims to animals taken, but this just happened today. About a week ago, there were a large numbers of horses in this corner of the range unit. Usually there's only cattle and the local elder's sheep herd.

-NaBahe Keediniihii Katenay, Dineh On Land Coordinator

(photos courtesy of Vangie Pedwaydon and Aaron Simonson, Big Mountain Dine'eh)



Nara Blue Eyes said...

You made a comment on your FB page that Bernie (I'm assuming Sanders) would be detrimental to ancient holy sites and pristine lands. I've read in his website that he fully supports Tribal Sovereignty (among other issues). Would you clarify your belief about this. A sincere question- not a setup. I'd really like to know. Thanks!

Censored News, publisher Brenda Norrell said...

Thanks for commenting. Please clarify who the question is to. Thanks again.

Janwindsong said...

Dependence on politicians will not bring peace. This action here, the presece of wholly armed individuals on your land represent a government that has become power crazy. The corporate tribe function is to hand over our society to business, then slavery. This is the route criminals take. I will send this message on to others who will share with others. The taking of free living animals for pivate profiteerng is taking possession of freedom. Disempower the police, vote their power down.

Anonymous said...

RE: My FB community page Comment. I have experienced racism, BIA government schools and the church's abuses, and the violations of our treaty and our indigenous sovereignty, and all this since I was born. 35 years I volunteered full time, no salary, to help traditional elders in their fight to remain on their ancestral lands and we lived these constant attacks. (In the U.S. not South America!) The dominant ruling class, world banks and the G20 have never allowed U.S. presidents or its Congress to practice "democracy." When Obama was a candidate, or any other 'like' him, consciousness Americans supported the Obama platform, but instead through "his" administration wars in the middle east and elsewhere has broaden and intensified, etc. Native American votes don't count, we are less than the one percent of the American votes, and Bernie will have to swear oath to Uphold the Constitution of the U.S. so with Gold's help.