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April 6, 2016

Censored News wants access to Panama Papers data

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By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Wikileaks countered the soft shoe approach of the Panama Papers and questions the motives of failing to expose US individuals involved in offshore accounts.
Censored News wants access to the full set of data. No one who has the data now knows the secret players in Indian country.
One man in a key trial in Indian country admitted lying under oath and hiding millions in an offshore account.
Also, there are billions unaccounted for from casinos in Indian country. The lobbyists and investor billionaires should be tracked.
Then there are the payouts of the Cobell settlement. Non-Indian attorneys received the largest payout, while Native Americans who were swindled out of oil and gas royalties were swindled a second time by the US and these attorneys.
The Panama Papers reveal fortunes hidden in the names of wives of corrupt politicians and corporations.
No one who has the data now is familiar with the wives in Indian country.
Finally, Native Americans from one tribe want to know what has happened to the revenues absorbed by their "globe trotting chief" who heads a global corporation with offices around the world.
The commercial media in Indian Country is not likely to do any serious investgative reporting. The national news in Indian country is controlled by casino dollars and relies primarily on copy and paste, plagiarism and rewrites.
So, allow Censored News and our fellow news publishers, which includes Mohawk Nation News, access to this data.

See: Wikileaks counters Panama Papers: They are part of the broken system that allows ijusticepanama-papers-leaker-being-soros-funded-soft-power-tax

Please share our authentic links.
Stay at home news plagiarizers are not journalists. They are part of the broken system that allows injustice to happen.

Brenda Norrell created Censored News after being censored and terminated as a long time staff reporter at Indian Country Today. She has been a journalist in Indian country for 34 years, beginning at Navajo Times during the 18 years that she lived on the Navajo Nation. She was a stringer for AP covering federal courts and stringer for USA Today. She traveled through Mexico with the Zapatistas and is now blacklisted by all the commercial media.
Censored News is in its 10th year with no ads, grants or sponsors.

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