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April 12, 2016

Camp of the Sacred Stone Call to Action

April 12. 2016

Iyan Wakanya Gagnapi Oti
Camp of the Sacred Stones

CANNONBALL, North Dakota -- We the land and water protectors at the Iyan Wakanya Gagnapi Oti, or Camp of the Sacred Stones who are standing in defense of Sacred Water in opposition of the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline, have learned that the Army Corp of Engineers has heeded the call of the First Nations and will have public meetings on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

We are calling on all who stand in opposition to this proposed Dakota Access pipeline, which directly threatens the water of Native communities and all surrounding communities on the Cannon Ball and Missouri River water to come and tell the Army Corp of Engineers in person why you do not want this pipeline.

The issues of the propose Dakota Access Pipeline are
•       Direct violation of our Treaty rights in the 1851 and 1868 Fort Laramie Treaties.
•       Tribes still have claim on land that has not been resolved under Docket 74A
•       Protect sensitive cultural and burial sites
•       Non consultation with affected tribes and surrounding tribes
•       Danger of breaks and leaks into the river, well systems, ground water
•       There has been No full Environmental Impact Study
•       When the pipeline breaks at Cannonball and Missouri river, the water supply for the Cannon Ball community, all of Standing Rock Reservation and other Tribes.
•       The tribes and communities long the Missouri River gets their drinking water from the Missouri. We will lose our drinking water and every human being has a right to water to live.
•       This is a direct life or death threat to the Dakota, Nakota and Lakota people.
•       We must save sacred water for the future generation.

Dates for the meetings are
•       April 27 at Grand River Casino at 9:00 am CST,
•       April 28 at Prairie Knights Casino at 9:00 am. CST
•       April 29 will be when the commander will be at Grand River Casino at 9:00 am. CST
We are asking that everyone go to at least attend one of these public meetings. If you have a choice, please go to the April 29th meeting.

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