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September 11, 2017

Native Nations Protest Energy Transfer Pipelines in Dallas by Yolonda Bluehorse


Stop Energy Transfer Partners National Campaign Rally at Pipeline Headquarters in Dallas

By Yolonda Bluehorse, Lakota
Society of Native Nations
Censored News

DALLAS -- On Friday Sept 8, 2017 members of the Society of Native Nations, an indigenous led, non-profit organization in Texas, organized a rally at Energy Transfer Partners in Dallas, Texas.
This event was created to stand in solidarity with the national campaign to Stop ETP, and events that were held on Sept 9, 2017, across the US.
Members of the Indigenous Environmental Network and representatives from other pipeline resistance that Energy Transfer Partners is building, came to show their support as well.
Native and Non Native communities came together to stand in solidarity against Energy Transfer Partners and all fossil fuel companies, to demand accountability to the destruction of our Mother Earth and their contribution to climate change.
We must make the changes necessary in order to protect the future by prioritizing and protecting the sacred Mother Earth, sacred land, sacred air, and sacred water now before it's too late.

Kelcy Warren's Energy Transfer Partners is owner of Dakota Access Pipeline. The crude oil now threatens the Missouri River and the drinking water of millions. The resistance to the pipeline at Standing Rock revealed thousands taking a prayerful stand against the pipeline, even though they were subjected to excessive force and brutality by police. Dakota, Lakota, Nakota, and their allies, were shot with rubber bullets and projectiles, gassed with tear gas, and jailed in dog kennels by Morton County, North Dakota, Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, with numbers written on their arm as was done by the Nazis.

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