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September 30, 2017

Twitter -- Not All Critics are Russian Hackers

Police violence at Standing Rock, gassing water protectors
Twitter setting dangerous precedent of police state

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Twitter now believes that you are "un-American" and a Russian with a fake account, if you criticize Trump or the Clintons.
Meanwhile, Censored News links have been blocked by Twitter since September of 2016, when we first exposed police violence at Standing Rock, with photos of police and Dakota Access Pipeline security.
Also in 2016, Censored News posted Hillary Clinton's dragnet of Indigenous activists, as she spied on activists, everyone from the Mapuche in Chile, to the Mohawks in Canada, as revealed in Wikileaks State Department data link when Clinton was Secretary of State.
Censored News also published Hillary Clinton's ties to arms deals, and Bill Clinton's deals for uranium mining on Indigenous lands globally, with money flowing back to the Clintons, as exposed by a hacker of the Clinton Foundation.
Censored News isn't a Russian hacker. In fact, we couldn't hack our way out of a paper bag. We do well just to post on Blogger.
Twitter has never told us why it blocks Censored links. Instead, Twitter blocks our links with an array of excuses.
It sets a dangerous precedent for Twitter to assume that anyone critical of either Trump or Clinton should have their links blocked, as in our case, or their accounts deleted, as in the case of the mystery folks who might, or might not have been, interfering in the U.S. election -- an election between two people who did not need any help in vilifying themselves.
Also in 2016, Censored News exposed the game President Obama played -- that public relations chess game, when Obama repeatedly offered hope that Dakota Access Pipeline would be halted, after the Obama administration approved the pipeline. All the while, Obama refused to halt the police violence inflicted on water protectors, even when Cheyenne River Lakota Chairman Harold Frazier personally pleaded with Obama to halt the police violence.
So, just to let you know, we are not Russian hackers. Unfortunately we don't know how to hack, or do much on the Internet. But we do know how to publish those gems of truth and facts that come our way.
Thanks to all of you. Best, Brenda, Censored News.

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