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September 13, 2017

SECWEPEMC Tiny House Warriors Build to Defend Against Oil Pipeline

Kanahus Manuel works on the first of ten "tiny homes." Photo by Ian Willms

Secwepemc Warriors Build Tiny Houses in Path of Kinder Morgan Pipeline

VICE: Can you tell me how and why you got into building these tiny homes?
Kanahus Manuel: This idea began when I was down at Standing Rock. Some people from Portland built a tiny house for me and my freedom babies. They built the whole thing in just two-and-a-half days, with solar panels and everything so we could power six laptops. When I came home, I got some other guys from the camp to take it apart and move it to a reserve where they were resisting Keystone XL.
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"Ten tiny houses are about to go head-to-head with a giant proposed oil pipeline. In what some area already dubbing the next 'Standing Rock', Kanahus Manuel, an activist of the Secwepemc Nation is spearheading a team of builders and volunteers from all over North America to construct tiny homes with the aim of halting the expansion of the Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline which would run through 518 kilometres of Secwepemc Territory. The proposed pipeline comes just 3 years after the disastrous incident at Mt Polley, where water and slurry with years worth of mining waste were released into Polley Lake."  
"This group of dedicated activists say that building the tiny homes is not only an act of resistance, but also of creation, building something beautiful, to create hope and create homes for the community."

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Inspired by Standing Rock, First Nations 'Tiny House Warriors' Protest Pipeline Project

"As Kinder Morgan tries to force through a pipeline without our consent—risking polluting the land and poisoning our rivers—we are rising up to create a resistance rooted in family, community, and hope."
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Work has begun on the Tiny House Warriors project, a protest against the expansion of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline. Activists expect to build 10 homes which will lie on the route of the Kinder Morgan pipeline. (Greenpeace)
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