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September 3, 2017

Mercenaries who applied to work for TigerSwan at Standing Rock resumes exposed

Photo by Rob Wilson

Thousands of sensitive mercenary resumes exposed after security lapse, article by ZDNet:

Torturers applied to work for TigerSwan:
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Insecure: How A Private Military Contractor's Hiring Files Leaked

Written by Dan O'Sullivan | Sep 2, 2017 10:00:15 PM
The UpGuard Cyber Risk Team can now disclose that a publicly accessible cloud-based data repository of resumes and applications for employment submitted for positions with TigerSwan, a North Carolina-based private security firm, were exposed to the public internet, revealing the sensitive personal details of thousands of job applicants, including hundreds claiming “Top Secret” US government security clearances. TigerSwan has recently told UpGuard that the resumes were left unsecured by a recruiting vendor that TigerSwan terminated in February 2017.
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