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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Mohawk Nation News 'Military Occupation of Canada'


Mohawk Nation News

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MNN. 16 SEPT. 2017. We have a right to defend ourselves and our homeland. There is no justification for mowing down, clear cutting our trees, flooding our lands and removing us and all our relations. It is slaughter of people and all life. We refuse to move from land coveted by the greedy, evil, deadly corporation. The ravaging occupiers will leave.
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Haul No! Halt Uranium Mining in Grand Canyon, Transport on Indian Lands, Milling Poisoning Utes

Haul No! Reports: Halt Uranium Mining in Grand Canyon, Transport on Indian Lands, Milling Poisoning Utes

Haul No! Video of Canyon Mine activity from Sept. 13, 2017. "A worker on site stated that they will be able to start mining next week. We are checking into the statements made by the worker and will have further info soon. It is likely that it is not possible for them to start mining next week but we need to be prepared."

Below: "Monitoring radiation outside of an abandoned uranium mine in Cameron, Arizona. His reading peaked at 3.55 micro Sieverts per hour, which our chart says "Real risk of cancer if exposed for 90 days." That reference point is for a healthy 30 year old white male. There are houses in the immediate vicinity of this site. We averaged background readings of .24 and ranged to .89 then spiked. Without special equipment there's no way of knowing what risk we face."

OWE AKU 'Open Workshop Radiation and Health, Pine Ridge'

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