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June 4, 2019

Black Panther on Texas Border Calls for Non-Violent Troops to Stop the Monster and Destruction

"We do have to get out there and stop this monster, what is going on."
Black Panther Yusef Omowale calls for non-violent troops to shut down the economy. 

Black Panther Yusef Omowale said this profit making gone crazy is destroying the planet for money.

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

TEXAS BORDER  -- Black Panther Usef Omowale said troops need to rise up and engage in non-violence civil disobedience to halt what the profit-making monsters are doing in the United States.
Govinda Dalton interviewed Usef on the south Texas border, at the cemetery where Carrizo Comecrudo are camped and defending the graves of their ancestors from Trump's border wall.

Within days of this interview, the U.S. announced that it would leave the Eli Jackson Cemetery alone, and would not bulldoze the graves.
During the interview on Memorial Day, Govinda said there were all types of warriors and veterans from all kinds of wars gathered.
Govinda pointed out that Black Panthers were a community based organization, and asked Yusef about mobilizing a community.
Yusef said that alone people may feel powerless, but when you get a community behind you, that changes.
"Once the people turn out, you recognize that anything is possible," Yusef said.
Govinda said there has been a progression, from what was then, to what is now, and it is like nothing has changed.
Yusef said that sometimes people need to step back and re-evaluate. In every struggle people get the doldrums, and there is a need for a perspective. But when people come together, it all changes.
"Then you recognize that anything is possible."
Yusef said the new generation inspires hope.
"Now I believe we are catching back up, this generation now is beginning to take the front."
Yusef said that now there is Standing Rock, Black Lives Matter, even some of the young people are winning seats in Congress.
"Now we're getting back on the path," Yusef said.
Referring to the Black Panthers, Govinda said the U.S. corporate elite have waited it out until the elders leading the issues have passed on.
Yusef said, "That's possibly true, and if not, they just take them out."
"Eventually everybody has got to take to the streets anyway," Yusef said. "There are going to be some sacrifices, hope everyone is ready for that."
"We need some non-violate troops, three to four hundred people who are ready in a moment's notice."
They need to be ready to shut places down, and take over the economy.
Speaking about the profiteers, Yusef said, "These people have no idea what is going on."
"And they don't care."
Corporations are talking about drilling for oil generations into the future.
"They have to be stopped."
Govinda said an idea that he is promoting is to have gatherings at the international airports.
"I really like that idea," Yusef said. "That's a great idea."
Yusef said this profit-making-gone-crazy is destroying the planet for money.
Anyone that has a heart knows they have to be stopped, Yusef said.
"They are talking about making money way into the future."
"They're"not going to stop themselves," he said, adding that they are destroying the planet for money.
When asked for contact information, Yusef said he doesn't mess around too much with social media, because of the NSA, but other Black Panthers are online to contact.
"We do have to get out there and stop this monster, what is going on," Yusef said, calling for non-violent troops to shut down the economy. 
"Power to the people," Yusef concludes.
Govinda says, "Rock on."
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Brenda Norrell, clandestine assistant producer

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I believe Govinda's response to Yusef's comment of Power to the Peaceful was Sat Nam....