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June 16, 2019

Cheyenne River Lakotas Force Keystone XL Trucks off Lakota Land

Resisting, Chairman Frazier thanks Lakotas for standing up and turning this Keystone XL pipeline truck around!

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

EAGLE BUTTE, South Dakota -- Cheyenne River Lakotas blocked this Keystone XL truck and forced it off their land on Monday. Tribal police escorted the truck off Lakota land. Thanking those who blocked the truck, Chairman Harold Frazier said anyone working with Keystone XL is not welcome here. Chairman Frazier said unlike the United States, free speech and standing up for the law are welcome here.
Chairman Frazier said, “Any vehicles or personnel working on the Keystone XL pipeline are not welcome on this reservation. Unlike the United States we welcome free speech and concerned citizens standing up for the law. This is Sioux Territory, we will not stand for more encroachments and defilement of our land. I would like to thank the tribal members who brought this to our attention and stand with them in our opposition to the KXL pipeline.”
Taco John's guy under the truck
One of the workers from Taco John's rushed out, got under the truck to stop it, and then went back to work.
When the cops were trying to turn the truck around, the guy was still under the truck, said one of those present.
"So the dude moved from under the truck, when they said it had to turn around."
"The Taco John's guy went right back into work after he got up."



StormRavn said...

This is wonderful. So glad to see people taking a stand against this pipeline. The lands do not need the potential for damage that this pipeline may bring.

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Unknown said...

Thanks again for the awesome reporting!!

Unknown said...

So what part of the keystone "pipeline" involves 400bbl up right tanks? Probably a cut rate Mexican hauling it so shut em down

Anonymous said...

good job my relatives I stand with you . I'm in ca but my heart is with you all. ol dumpy trump is going to be pissed.WATER IS LIFE I will go to what ever protest in the state of ca to help our cause great job

Unknown said...

Good job!

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Thank you!

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Unknown said...

Thus us a responsible use if power. Hold them accountable for their running roughshod over the Constitutional rights of free speech and right to assemble to redress this grievance!