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July 15, 2019

'Locked to the Grate' Protecting Mauna Kea Live!

Defenders of Sacred Mauna Kea are locked to the grate to prevent destruction by work crews for the planned telescope observatory on sacred Mauna Kea in Hawaii.

"Native Hawaiian Protectors Block Mauna Kea Access Road. There are seven Mauna Protectors chained to the cattle guard on Mauna Kea Access Road on the morning the road is scheduled to close at 7 a.m. for TMT construction to begin. There are hundreds of protectors on site." News videos on the web at Big Island Now at: 

Watch Facebook video of today live below:


Aloha To All The Supporters of Sacred Mauna Kea,
We need your help in our efforts to protect Mauna Kea (a place sacred to the Hawaiian people as the home of Wākea and the piko of our culture) from desecration.

The State of Hawai’i Governor has promised to utilize the Hawai’i National Guard, County Police Departments, DOCARE Officers, and Sheriffs to protect the transporting of equipment for the building of a private 18 story Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) on our most sacred temple – Mauna Kea. Semi-automatic weapons and a Long-Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), otherwise known as a sound cannon, has been purchased by the State. We have been given notice that the transportation of the equipment will begin on Monday, July 15, 2019, despite hundreds of peaceful protectors expected on Mauna Kea for prayer and ceremony.

I know many of you want to come physically to help us to protect Mauna Kea but are unable to. Therefore, we are asking that you help peaceful Mauna Kea Protectors by donating to KAHEA: The Hawaiian Environmental Alliance - Mauna Kea Legal Defense Fund. These funds will be used to cover legal fees and related costs for ongoing and future legal actions.

The most recent legal action taken was a petition filed on behalf of Mauna Kea cultural practitioners citing the Thirty Meter Telescope Observatory’s failure to obtain security equal to the full amount of the $2 billion project. This petition is asking for an immediate injunction to stop any work related to the construction of the TMT to protect the interests of the public. Click on the link below to make a donation and then be sure to select the Mauna kea Legal Defense Fund.

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