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July 8, 2019

Longest Walk walks into Pennsylvania: Beauty of the Road photos by Bad Bear

Photos by Western Shoshone Longwalker Carl Bad Bear Sampson
"We're really tired and exhausted," Bad Bear said. "I myself am doing what I can to finish the last 230 miles strong. All is well and we're keeping the prayers movin'."
The camp site is Laurel Hill State Park for two more nights.
"We are starting the walk this morning from Monongahela, Pennsylvania," Bad Bear said.
July 8, 2019
Update on July 10: Walkers will be camping at Cowans Gap in Penn. for three more nights.

If you're nearby, please join them, with support, water or food, whatever you can share. -- Brenda, Censored News


Congratulations to Bad Bear for this well deserved recognition from Earth Justice, 'On the Frontlines.'

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