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July 3, 2019

What if there was never a Snowden or Wikileaks. We would have never known ...

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

What if there had never been a Snowden or Wikileaks, or any of the whistleblowers?

I would have never known that Google, Facebook, my android phone and the others are all part of the massive spy network of the U.S., U.K. and others. I would have never known to cover my phone and computer camera lens with colored tape, and to take the battery out of my phone at times -- because it is a tracker, and can be turned on remotely as a listening and viewing device.

We would have never known how the U.S. assassinates with drones and the United States' disregard for the innocents nearby.
We would have never known how the U.S. targets Mohawks, Mapuche, and all the others with U.S. State Dept. and NSA surveillance.
We would never have known the extent that the U.S. is running assault weapons to the cartels.
We would never have known the extent of white nationalism, racism and xenophobia within the U.S. police departments and the U.S. Border Patrol staff and operations.
We would have never known the extent that we are all pawns in the governments -- and their corporate partners -- quest for power, money and control.
But, instead, now we do. 

In advancing truth telling, Censored News, as a collective of writers and photographers, continues to tell the stories from those who live on the land, and fight the battles in the towns and cities, sharing the words of the heroes who risk their lives for truth.

U.S. Cruelty for Cash
Do you know the history of GEO private prisons and Wackenhut?
Wackenhut, which once provided the notorious security on Black Mesa for Peabody Coal, split into two corporations, for maximum benefits from cruelty.
GEO is now among the primary owners of U.S. migrant prisons, and its child abuse and prisoner abuse are well documented.
The name of 'Wackenhut' was plastered on the buses at the border headed to detention, which snaked along the Arizona border seizing migrants for cash, with a transportation contract from U.S. Homeland Security.
After receiving the border contract, Wackenhut was then purchased by G4S in London. G4S is a global leader in prisoner abuse.
Among the foreign contractors on the U.S. border is Elbit Systems, the Israeli defense contractor, which provides Apartheid security in Palestine.
Elbit now has a contract with U.S. Homeland Security for new border spy towers.
The Tohono O'odham elected government recently approved Elbit to construct new spy towers on its sovereign land, which GuVo District opposes, stating those towers will disturb burial places and a Ceremonial area.
At the border, for the United States, it is about money,  power, and control of natural resources, with total disregard for all living things, including endangered species. And the children, including Indigenous children being seized, are viewed as inhuman, objects to be used, abused and thrown away by the U.S. government.
Thank you to Michelle Cook at Divest Invest Protect for the following article. Shut down migrant child concentration camps.

Aleut Internment Camps
Today, our top story at Censored News continues to be this post from nearly 7 years ago, concerning the Aleut internment camps during World War II, where Aleut were left to starve and die without medicines.
It is truth which the United States has tried to keep secret.
These facts are important now as the U.S. -- with its long history of genocide and abuse in Indian boarding schools -- tries to keep its history secret and bury it along with the children.
Migrant children are being starved, sexually assaulted, beaten, and left to suffer without their families.

Brenda Norrell is the publisher of Censored News. Norrell has been a journalist in Indian country for 36 years. She began as a journalist at the Navajo Times, during the 18 years that she lived on the Navajo Nation. She worked for Associated Press, USA Today, and other media. After serving as a longtime staff writer for Indian Country Today in 2006, she was censored and terminated and created Censored News. Now in its 13th year, Censored News has no ads, grants or revenues.

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