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April 13, 2020

Ute Kenny Frost on Staying Home

Sadly An Example of Staying Home and Not Attending Large Gatherings Such As Church Gathering

By Kenny Frost, Ute
Censored News

First, before you read this. This is in no way "Against the Navajo Nation." This is to "Educate Everyone," on the importance of being safe in our own space.

Death can be at the front door in the case of the COVID-19 virus. COVID-19 is one of the most dangerous viruses this world has faced next to Ebola.

Here is what I found out regarding the transmission of the virus on the Navajo reservation.

The COVID-19 virus came from a church gathering at Chilchinbeto, Arizona. Sadly many of those who gathered stated, "We don't have to worry because they were going to heaven."

Others have carried this virus to their residence, spreading the virus to their loved ones, friends, and others who came in contact with them. This is how the COVID virus spread so fast on the Navajo reservation in the 4-directions.

Many people didn't know they were carrying the COVID virus and inadvertently infected their family members, loved ones, friends, and others -- who are now being treated in the Tuba City area, which has been made into the intake area for the patients of this COVID virus.

The Navajo reservation "Now has a proclamation" in order for not attending any type of church service and a strict curfew!

Please, please heed the warning. Do not attend any gathering of any type.

Wash your hands.
Wear a face covering.

Heed The Warnings!!
This is a dangerous time for all.

=->>>---- Kenny ---->


Lindalee Bruner said...

Sad time

Lindalee Bruner said...

Sad times

Unknown said...

Thank you for this reminder. As the days go by it is all too easy to get complacent and forget to do these important things: wash your hands before you leave the house; wash them again real good when you enter the home, always use a mask or other covering over your nose and mouth whenever you go out in public: keep wiping frequently touched surfaces (doorknobs, counters, etc.) You can use a number of things as disinfectant:Clorox (mixed with water), alcohol (mixed with water), hydrogen peroxide can be used straight out of the bottle or mixed with a little bit of water. Do this to show your love for friends and family. Peace.