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April 19, 2020

Bitahnii Wayne Wilson 'Doing what I can, while I can' at Pine Springs, Navajo Nation'

Today we finished gathering food for some of our family relatives in Querino Canyon, Navajo Nation, Arizona. In our red pony before another 57-hour Navajo Nation curfew. We were able to get much-needed supplies for this family and they said thank you for your donated assistance and help. (Covid-19 Virus Pandemic Crisis 2020)
My elder Uncle Freddie Roan Sr. A U.S. Army veteran of Pine Springs, Navajo Nation Arizona

Firewood delivery

By Bitahnii Wayne Wilson, Dine'
Censored News

Hi, I'm known as Bitahnii Wayne Wilson, I'm of my mother's clan, Bitahnii ni' Shli ( I'm Folded Arms Clan ) born for Toh aheedliinii da Shi zhe'eh ( my father's clan is The Two Waters that flows together Clan ) and Tohdichiinii da Shi Cheii ( Bitter Water Clan ) is my Maternal Grand Parent and Tsi'najinii da Shi Nali' ( The Black streak running on the tree Clan ) is my Paternal Grand Parent.
I was raised by my Grandmother and Grandfather. I was instructed to introduce myself in this way so the Holy People know who we are as Nihokaa Dine'h Bi'lah' ishdla iih ( Upon the Earth surface people ) with the clans that we were given long ago by Nahastaan Nadleehi' ( Changing Woman.)
I usually say my prayers, meditate, and give my offerings before I go out to do my deliveries. I'm only doing what I can while I can, it is a challenge but I believe and have faith in the Great Spirit as I go out to do what I can to help and assist the elderly, the children, and families who are in need of food and supplies.
I know it is dangerous in making these deliveries, but I'm also practicing keeping my distance, wearing a mask, staying clean by using some disinfectants, and washing my hands.

Food and supplies run from Albuquerque to Navajo Nation.


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