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April 2, 2020

Winslow Indian Health Center: Three coronavirus patients died before reaching hospital

Dr. Gregory Jarrin is a general surgeon at Winslow Indian Health Care Center, located south of the Navajo and Hopi Nations in Arizona.
Today, April 2, 2020, the Navajo Nation reports 214 coronavirus cases and 7 deaths.

KNAU RADIO FLAGSTAFF -- Melissa Sevigny: There’s a lot of concern with coronavirus overwhelming the capacity of our healthcare workers and our hospitals. Do you have a sense that that’s happening in Winslow?

Dr. Gregory Jarrin: In Winslow recently we’ve had three deaths in the community, none of which reached the hospital alive. We’ve been getting increasing numbers of cases in our emergency room and increasing numbers being diagnosed. Over the weekend we’ve had multiple admissions, but we are not yet overwhelmed. However in Tuba City and Flagstaff I know they have been much more overwhelmed. In Tuba City… they’re having a problem with staffing, there are a lot of people who have called out sick.

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