Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

January 20, 2021

Indigenous Elders and Medicine Peoples letter to Biden

Chief Arvol Looking Horse

January 20, 2021

Translation into French by Christine Prat

Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. President, United States of America

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Biden,

We, Indigenous Elders and Medicine Peoples, welcome you, your family and your administration to your new responsibility as President of the United States of America. The tradition of welcoming newcomers started long before the formation of the United States; it began at first arrival of our relatives that came from across the ocean. This ceremonial act is to promote peaceful relations, to respect one another and to recognize each other as an integral part of Creation.

We are the Spiritual People of the Earth, united under the Creator’s Natural Law working in unity to restore peace, harmony and balance for the future of all living beings. We offer our assistance to restore peace and healthiness back to this Land.

You are stepping into the leadership role of a Nation which has lost its direction and understanding of its sacred responsibilities to the Creator and to one another. Your obligation to the future of all life goes beyond healing a Nation divided. It encompasses healing a people who have caused irreversible environmental destruction and global climate change by abandoning their sacred responsibility and relationship to the Natural World.

When looking at prophesies, the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, the dire sense of urgency is here and we must extend our hand once again to help guide this young Nation. Our sacred aboriginal indigenous science and your western science must unite to provide hope for the future. It will take all of us, people from all faiths, to put our good minds together to begin correcting all laws and policies which are abusing Mother Earth and the people of the Earth. We believe peace is possible in our life time when we uphold the Creator’s Natural Law as a foundation for all decision-making.

We speak on behalf of all Creation with an unwavering faith and belief in the Creator. We are the Original Nations and Peoples of this Land and thus, must be included in the discussions and decision-making process from the beginning. To uphold the Laws of Creation and create a peaceful path forward it is imperative that we personally meet with you and your staff.


Chief Arvol Looking Horse

19th Generation Keeper of Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe

Spiritual Leader

The Great Sioux Nation

Shawn Mulford, Dine’

Leland Grass,

No’hooka’ Dine’ Traditionalist

Big Buck


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Lorraine Kay said...

Beautiful letter. I know President Joe Biden will do his best to honor your people.