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January 29, 2021

Two Water Protectors Lock Down Blocking Enbridge Line 3 Worksite Jan. 29, 2021

Two Water Protectors halted work today by locking down at an Enbridge site.

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SAINT PAUL, MINN. -- Hundreds have gathered in St. Paul, Minnesota calling on President Biden to revoke permits for the Line 3 tar sands oil pipeline project. The protest billed as 'Protect the Water, Revoke the Permits' started downtown and plans to march to the local Army Corps of Engineers' office to demand federal water crossing permits be rescinded. Jan. 29, 2021

Two Water Protectors Lock Down Blocking Line 3 Worksite 

Giniw Collective

Censored News
January 29, 2021

PARK RAPIDS, Minn. -- On Friday morning, two water protectors locked to one other between barrels of concrete, halting construction at an Enbridge worksite as dozens more held space.

The site is a few miles south from a massive new Line 3 pump station through a wetland. Line 3 requires nearly the equivalent to all of Minnesota’s nuclear power to send its tar sands sludge through Minnesota’s rivers, wetlands, and wild rice water bodies on its way to Lake Superior. 
The location is also near the proposed Line 3 crossing through the Mississippi Headwaters. Active preparation of that site and dozens of others continue across Anishinaabe treaty territory, as tribal lawsuits have yet to be heard.
Water Protector Jorge said, “Defend the land. Defend the water. Stop Line 3!”
Water Protector Lauren Berube said, “We need everyone doing everything and together we will stop Line 3.”

Sample script: "I'm calling to demand the immediate release of the Two Water Protectors arrested today in opposition of the Line 3 Tar sands pipeline. They are fighting to protect the air and water for all of us. Holding them during a pandemic is a risk to public health. Please drop all demonstration related charges and release them TODAY!" Phone: 218-732-3331
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