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Friday, October 1, 2021

New! Court Filings Reveal TigerSwan Received $17 Million from Dakota Access Pipeline

Recent Court Filings Reveal $17 Million in Payments from Dakota Access LLC to TigerSwan

Thunderhawk v. County of Morton, North Dakota 

By Columbia School of Law
Censored News
NEW YORK (October 1, 2021) -- The private security firm TigerSwan received over $17 million from Dakota Access LLC for its work related to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, recent court filings and documents produced in response to a judicial order in the ongoing litigation Thunderhawk v. County of Morton reveal.  Plaintiffs have alleged in that suit that TigerSwan acted in close cooperation with law enforcement to enforce discriminatory police practices.  
After the court ordered TigerSwan earlier this month to fully disclose its work for Dakota Access LLC—what TigerSwan actually did to be paid $17 million—TigerSwan informed the court that it no longer had this evidence: just four days before its deadline for disclosing the evidence in question, TigerSwan claims it returned it to Energy Transfer Partners (the parent company of Dakota Access LLC) and purged its remaining copies.

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