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Sunday, August 21, 2022

Apache Stronghold -- Ninth Circuit may reconsider Oak Flat appeal

Photo by Steve Pavey

Ninth Circuit may reconsider Oak Flat appeal  

Apache Stronghold vows to pursue all avenues to protect Oak Flat, including at the  Supreme Court 

By Apache Stronghold

Censored News

French translation by Christine Prat

SAN CARLOS, Arizona –The Ninth Circuit announced this week that it will hold a vote on whether to reconsider Apache Stronghold’s appeal to save Oak Flat, their most sacred site. This means Apache Stronghold may get a second chance to win protection for Oak  Flat in the Ninth Circuit before the case goes to the Supreme Court.  

Dr. Wendsler Nosie, Sr. of Apache Stronghold welcomed the news: “Oak Flat is the place we have connected with our Creator for millennia, and the generations that follow us deserve to continue this holy tradition. We are glad the Ninth Circuit is going  to take a closer look at this decision, and we hope it will do the right thing and protect  our most sacred site at Oak Flat.” 

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