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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Victory! Court Rules Minnesota Sheriff's Blockade Illegal at Line 3 Water Protector Camp

Photos courtesy of the Giniw Collective

Victory! Court Rules Minnesota Sheriff’s Blockade of Line 3 Water Protector Camp Was Illegal and Bars Ongoing Efforts to Obstruct Access

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Today, a Minnesota court issued a ruling protecting an Indigenous-led camp of Line 3 opponents from Hubbard County’s unlawful blockades and targeted harassment. This victory on the part of steadfast frontline climate justice activists is part of crucial legal fight-back against oppressive police tactics as they place their bodies on the line to defend the planet.

Federal Report Supports Saving Oak Flat: New BLM Report Exposes Devastation

Photo by Steve Pavey

Federal report supports saving Oak Flat 

New Bureau of Land Management report exposes planned devastation of culture, water, and environment 

By Apache Stronghold

Censored News


WASHINGTON – A new federal report by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management details the  cultural and environmental threats posed by the Biden Administration’s plan to transfer Oak Flat to  a foreign-owned mining company.

The report adds even more evidence supporting tribal members’  effort to defend their sacred religious site in Apache Stronghold v. United States, a case currently at the  Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  

“Oak Flat is the place where Apache have connected with our creator since time immemorial” said  Dr. Wendsler Nosie, Sr. of Apache Stronghold. “This new report further validates what we have  been saying all along: giving Oak Flat away to Resolution Copper will destroy the land we depend  upon for our most important religious practices.” 

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