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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

'Water is Life' White Mesa Ute Spiritual March Against Uranium Mill

“This is our home and the home of our ancestors – we are the caretakers of this land and the waters beneath it," said Yolanda Badback, White Mesa Concerned Community.
"They dug up our ancestors who were buried there."
Describing the dangerous disposal of radioactive waste, Badback said, "We don't drink the tap water here, we go out and purchase our water."
Badback expressed her deep appreciation for the large crowd that came to walk with her. She said they are continued this fight for the future generations.
"I don't want it to expand anymore," she said of the plans to bring in radioactive waste from more regions.
Badback said the Native medicine plants are no longer growing.
Badback's mother, Thelma Whiskers, who has spent her life here, thanked everyone for coming.

Water is Life
White Mesa Ute Spiritual March Against Uranium Mill

Article by Brenda Norrell
Photos by Grand Canyon Trust

"The White Mesa uranium mill would not be allowed to operate near a wealthy white neighborhood in Salt Lake City, and San Juan County's Native American communities deserve the same treatment.” – Commissioner Kenneth Maryboy, Diné, San Juan County Commission. 

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