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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Sunday, November 20, 2022

EGYPT: Dineh Chili Yazzie 'Indigenous Perspective and the Climate Crisis'

Chili Yazzie with Bill Erasmus, former Dene National Chief in Egypt


By Chili Yazzie
Dine' of Shiprock, New Mexico
Presented to the UN Climate Summit COP27
November 10, 2022, in Egypt
French translation by Christine Prat at:
As Indigenous people we have remained on the lands we are original to; remaining intrinsically connected to our lands. The Indigenous Perspective as it speaks to land, water, all of nature is an understanding, an innate realization, an honoring of the sacred reality that the Earth Mother is a spiritual living entity beyond her physical nature. This recognition requires observance to assure the continuum of life; our Indigenous observance through prayer, song and ceremony are constant.

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