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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

MNN: Helpless to Hopeless -- Human Breaking Point

HELPLESS TO HOPELESS – Human Breaking Point
Mohawk Nation News

MNN. Aug. 31, 2009. Canada’s military is using us Indigenous as guinea pigs to test their "war on terror" and to better train their killers. Putting the pressure on us. Then taking it off. Cops grabbing our youth, torturing and threatening them and then releasing them. Helplessness and hopelessness are old strategies.
The Pentagon's counter-insurgency warfare program is based on the theories of Prof. Martin Seligman of the American Psychological Association to treat post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) of war veterans. The following is an MNN interpretation of Peter Chamberlin’s revealing Weaponizing Psychology - Treating People Like Dogs, 28 Aug, 2009. ]
The US military has created computer-modeled psyops plans based on Seligman’s theories of "learned helplessness," to create learned hopelessness. These programs push people to the breaking point. For example, the general population constantly gets reports of an improving economy while the opposite is the reality.
Some people and animals give up when faced with inescapable pain and cruel, relentless uncertainty until they reach a point of "capitulation."
The CIA's torture/interrogation program is based on this "water-boarding" mentality, especially in electro-shocking prisoners and treating them like dogs.
Dog cages, collars and leashes are part of the techniques to break the detainees’ resistance to interrogation. Learned Helplessness experiments were done on caged dogs using electric shocks to destroy their will to escape. They were destroyed emotionally and lost the will to leave, even when offered a way out. These techniques were used on our children in residential schools. Kidnap victims suffer this Stockholm Syndrome.
The military has begun a traumatic shock and stress-related program for all servicemen. Hypnosis is used to teach aggression. They are trained to resist human nature and exhaustion. The theory is that real "men" and "patriots" can get over the trauma they witnessed or inflicted. No so! Many Vietnam vets have not recovered.
The Real Warriors Campaign aims to avoid psychological care for the unstable and unmanly soldiers who have been traumatized by the organized slaughter they inflicted. They learn to become resilient and suck it up for their bosses. Those weak-willed returning veterans who commit suicide or go on shooting sprees are ignored. Otherwise how can the war on terror be expanded?
The torture/interrogation has produced nothing new. A large percentage of former Guantanamo inmates have taken up arms against US forces.
The military thought they could turn "learned helplessness" or temporary insanity into a useful weapon. The result was SEAS, synthetic environment for analysis and simulation. It’s a hopelessness predictor on when people will break down emotionally and become borderline unstable.
The Sentient World Simulation (SWS) is an artificial simulation of the world using current real-world information. Military leaders think they can predict behaviors of adversaries, neutrals, and partners. By applying economics and human psychology they try to control individual and mob response to various stresses.
Homeland Security and the Defense Department use SWS to anticipate how stressed-out populations can be manipulated. Fear and anxiety-induced helplessness are increased through panic-causing events, like earthquakes, tsunamis, terrorist attacks and economic melt down.
The Canadian military created a replica of the Mohawk community of Kahnawake to train soldiers in warfare against the Indigenous. The Pentagon gamers have simulated Baghdad for the new Special Forces counter-insurgency program. The soldiers are trained to anticipate sniper targets, blind spots and breaking points of local Afghans and Pakistanis. Peaceful-looking actions might win over the locals and take advantage of the breaking points to get "moderates" to give-up.
These strategies are not working. Both the recent failed Israeli invasions of Lebanon and last year's destruction of Gaza were based on these expert projections. Their adversaries have only been temporarily weakened. Their world image has been darkly stained.
Psychological warfare is supposed to replace real total war. Silent Weapons are economic and psychological weapons to herd and enslave the world’s people. Its developers are unspeakably evil.
The beast is panicking and thinks they can push us toward submission. The elite planners of mankind's demise keep fantasizing their coming victory, overlooking the failures of Vietnam, Iraq and elsewhere.
We think they are running scared that all their investment in controlling the minds of the people of the world has been wasted. In their hysteria they have become dangerous and sloppy. They are desperate to create a state of learned helplessness, followed by mass hopelessness and then capitulation.
We can stop this Silent War. Don’t give up!
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Peter Chamberlin: Weaponizing Psychology - Treating People Like Dogs, 28 Aug, 2009 http://www.opinion- navigation. do?mode=showArti cles&id=826 WORLD VIEW NEWS SERVICE wvns-subscribe@ yahoogroups. comEmail ummyakoub@yahoo. comSee video: Taxi to the Dark Side.

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