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Monday, September 7, 2009

MNN: Indigenous Resistance Crushes Dollar


Mohawk Nation News

MNN. Sep. 4, 2009. In 1944, before WWII was over, some British and US financiers met at Bretton Woods in New Hampshire. They wanted to set up a world military, financial and economic order with an international currency under the control of a few bankers. The Russians wanted gold to be the asset because there was only so much of it and it could hold everybody in check. The Russians and Eastern Europeans left when they rejected having the US dollar imposed on them. Plans were being made to drop the atomic bomb on Japan to show everybody that the US was the boss.
The US guaranteed the dollar through the theft of vast Indigenous resources. We had to be kept in the dark because nothing on, below or above the ground of Great Turtle Island was ever surrendered by us. Militaries were set up throughout the world to steal the resources of other Indigenous.
The IMF, World Bank, World Trade Organization, World Court and UN were set up at this time. They were supposed to uphold human rights and stop aggression between states. The UN became a tool of the US which systematically violated the victories of WWII. Washington backed its might by setting up military bases and aircraft carriers around the globe, ready to dispatch atomic weaponry and long-distance air strikes against anyone that doesn’t cooperate with them.There are more than 750 US military bases worldwide.In 1971 the US dollar was taken off the gold standard. Economic growth depended on warfare and consumerism. The banks and government could print unlimited amounts of dollars because its value is based on their say so backed by military strength. Money and the economy could be manipulated at will. Warswere made easier to fund.
The balance of payments measures payments between countries. Foreign central banks were forced to take US Treasury Bonds as if they were as good as gold. They now hold $4 trillion of these bogus bills in their international reserves to back their own currencies. These loans financed most of the US government’s domestic debt for over 30 years.
This parasitic and oppressive system is based on one big consumer [US], financed by a growing debt, using one currency [US]. The problem is the US makes too little and spends too much. They import more than they export. The proceeds are deposited into foreign central banks. These banks are then forced to use vouchers called US Treasury bills, which are not being honored. The pressure causes these countries to charge more for their exports. They can’t compete on the world markets. Businesses fail and people are put out of work.
Once the people took back their economy and Indigenous people resisted the theft of our resources, the global capitalist economy began to crumble.
Some countries decided that new financial institutions are needed. US overspending is forcing countries to set up a domestic currency and another for international trade and investments.
In June 2009 China, Russia, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, India, Pakistan, Mongolia and Brazil met to discuss an alternative to the dollar. They refuse to keep subsidizing the US economy and military.
The world’s central banks want to avoid adding more dollars to their reserves which finances more US debt spending and the military that is ready to pounce on them.
China made deals with Argentina and Brazil to use the renminbi rather than the dollar, sterling or euros. Malaysia is using the renminbi to avoid causing US military action against Islamic countries including Palestine. China is creating its own reserve currency.
The US is now the world’s largest debtor. The scheme is to invade, for example, Iraq, destroy the country and rebuild it through loans. Iraq must pay for it by giving up its resources and allowing a colonial band council government to be set up. Then the interest rate is raised and taxes increased so the country is drained of resources and wealth and comes under foreign control. They are forced to sell off their public utilities and companies to private US interests.
The invaders and their descendants have profited from the theft and gouging of Indigenous resources. US economic and military domination is ending. They can’t live off the savings and impoverishment of others using its recycled dollars backed by military might.
Soon the US dollar will not be worth the paper they’re printed on. The out-of-date neo cons want to own us and the world. They don’t want us to become the independent decision makers as our ancestors where everybody takes responsibility for the environment, lives in dignity and respect. This is a time of great changes, brothers, sisters, friends and allies!
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