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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Protect sacred Glen Cove

Greetings Nations, Tribes, Bands, Family Clans and Earth People
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From Wounded Knee at Glen Cove:

With respect and in the Spirit of the Ancestors we ask for your help to save the Glen Cove Sacred burial ground. We are asking for your support in whatever way that Spirit guides you, through spiritual, political, legal and financial help. We have also requested assistance from the casinos to help us in our struggle to protect the Sacred burial ground in Glen Cove, California. As Indigenous People, we cannot forget about our Ancestors. Our Ancestors fought for this land and sacrificed their lives so our Spirit could carry on.
Now it is time for us, as Indigenous People of this Nation to step up and protect the Glen Cove burial ground. It is our responsibility to protect and honor all Sacred Sites. We have struggled for 10 years to protect this Sacred place from desecration by the Greater Vallejo Recreation District (GVRD) and the city of Vallejo.
The GVRD plans to construct a parking lot, bathrooms, picnic tables, night lights, and a trail that will go through the Sacred burial ground. TIME IS CRITICAL - WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW !
The shoreline is being surveyed for a bay trail through the Sacred burial ground and trees are marked for removal. The GVRD is ready to desecrate this site. We do not know when they plan to start the destruction of this Sacred place. We will keep you informed with updated information. NOW is the time to respond to the call of our Ancestors.
We ask for your help in a Spiritual way; through your prayers, donations, emails to all of your contacts, legal assistance, political support, however Spirit guides you. We are sending out an urgent message to ALL Indigenous People and Earth People - Join us in the struggle to protect the Sacred burial ground at Glen Cove ! Remember - History is Our Inherited Reality ! May the Great Spirit be with each and every one of you.

All My Relations, Wounded Knee
For More Information : Wounded Knee707-557-2140 Vallejo Intertribal and SSPRIT
Linda Roberts (Orannhawk)505-603-2908
President Obama's Message to the First Americans

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