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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ben Carnes completes fast for Leonard Peltier at White House

Ben Carnes and Rob Fife ended their week long fast for Leonard Peltier at the White House on Saturday, with a ceremonial feast. Kitty Carnes said, "This is the birthday card we got for Leonard - everyone at the feast signed it." Message on Sunday morning, "Good morning everyone!! It's a beautiful day in DC - gonna go start the coffee and make my sweetie some break-fast.) Rob is on his way home to his sweetie and all is well." (Photo copyright Kitty Carnes)
From Ben Carnes on Thursday
I wanted to announce that on Wednesday afternoon, I ceased the liquid portion of my fast due to dehydration. I had taken that as far as I could without endangering my health. Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, when I relieved my self, I experienced a burning sensation and around Noon Wednesday, I began to feel as if my kidneys were tightening up. I made an attempt to contact a physician, but after a period of time with receiving a response. At 2:40 PM (Eastern), I consumed some liquids to hydrate myself. It was a promise I made to Chief Tayac when he visited me at Lafayette Park. He told me that day that I needed to hydrate myself. He said, “You are a Chief! Don’t you dare hit the ground! There are a lot of people depending upon you to be here for them, and if you die what good would that serve them?” I assured him that when my body told me that I was beginning to have problems, I would take care of myself.Still, I will continue to fast without food until 8:45 AM Saturday. I can assure you that Leonard would appreciate and respect this decision. He has suffered so much pain and loss of allies and relatives, that it would only grieve him had I continued and possibly caused irreparable harm to my health.My personal prayer will continue on, and I will continue to conduct myself in a honorable and respectful manner befitting my position. I knew that when I decided to publicly announce to that I am a Sun Dance Chief and would be taking this course of action. I would open myself up to criticisms, but that in itself is a sacrifice I willingly accepted. And there has been none, just messages of respect and support. It was never my intention to promote myself, but to show my love and support for my Sun Dance brother.I had contacted Arvol Looking Horse about the possibility of coming to DC. He could not since he already had an earlier commitment, but he supported what I was doing and that he would support me through his prayers from over there. I am very thankful to have those prayers from the Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe in this way.I know that there are many more people who have joined in this fast as an act of solidarity for me and for Leonard. This simple course of action has aroused so much supportive action from around the world. It has done so much more than if we had tried to have everyone come to DC. Many of you are organizing in your communities and creating so much awareness everywhere and that is so important.The results of this prayer and sacrifice may not be immediately, I feel something is taking place on a larger spiritual level and we will need to keep that in mind in all that we do for Leonard. We know that we will prevail, and it would have been difficult without your support. Send your cards and letters to Leonard. Let him know how your event went and let him know that we are all here for him and that we will continue to do all we can to bring him home.
In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,
Ben Carnes

World Events
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

Calling for an end to the unjust and vindictive imprisonment of Leonard Peltier and for an end to the celebration of Oct. 12th as Columbus Day and for it to be renamed Indigenous Peoples Day. Here's some of the events from around the world:

Ted Glick, ARIZONA: Supai Youth group will be having a prayer vigil for Leonard Peltier on September 12, 2006 at the Deer Trail, on the Grand Canyon.
California: The LPSG-South Bay is going to have an event for Leonard on September 8thFriday night at the following location: Center for Training and Careers1600 Las Plumas Ave San Jose, Ca. 951337-10pm. Friday night Opening Prayer by Hank Lebeau (Lakota) Freedom-Sung by Sampson for LeonardMusic by Good Shield, 7th Generation RiseFood Presentation by BFC Birthday Cake for Leonard and Birthday card signing
Orange County friends of The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee: We will be holding a Leonard Peltier Birthday Celebration at The OrangeCircle (Chappman & Glassell) Orange, CA-Tuesday, September 12th from 5:30 to 7:00 PM Option to wear indigenous and or colorful garb. Bring your drums andwhistles! There will be Azteca Dancers (invited), Native music with the Northridge Sovereign Nation drummers, a candle light vigil, prayers and Native American Indigenous Chants and songs for our loving elder and brother Leonard. Our theme will be of unity, peace and freedom for Leonard and all political prisoners.
Los Angeles, California Hello Friends and Family,
Please join us for a birthday celebration for Leonard Peltier on Tuesday, September 12th at 8pm at On the Rox. $8 donations at the door will go to theLeonard Peltier Defense Committee. For more info go to:
Hope to see you there to share a night of music, truth and friendship. Peace. Rosa Romero
I will be doing a Sweet grass braiding for Leonard "Braiding for Freedom"which will be here at my house in Evergreen Colorado. People can contact me via email@ I also will send Braids out from the Braiding for anyone who wishes them. I hope everyone will talk about Leonard and inform people who are still unaware. Until freedom is won ....
In peace Keith
Florida ORLANDO ROCK BAND and Friends will be observing Leonard's Birthday by lighting candles and saying prayers for his release and well-being on September 12th. Tuesday, September 12th from 4 to 5 P.M., the Daughters of the King, theOrder of St. Luke Healing Ministry, and the Society of Mary will meet at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in New Smyrna Beach, Florida to hold a prayervigil for Leonard Peltier.
ILLINOIS September, 12 2006 at Metzli Gallery & Cultural Organization - Leonard Peltier Birthday Open Mic/Open Poetry Night556 W. 18th St., Chicago, IL 60608 Cost: none Participate in honoring Leonard Peltier with socially andpolitically conscious music and poetry. In honoring Leonard Peltier's lifelong commitment to activism not only for Native American issues but alsofor the all peoples on the planet (indeed we are all connected), let's highlight immigration rights, the environmental crisis, first nation rights,women's rights, and global poverty and sweatshop/slave labor practices.
MARYLAND: Here in Maryland, I will do the following: Send a box of books to Pine Ridge, where they may be distributed amongthose who are interested. Send Leonard a card. Try to get a copy of Incident At Oglala for my local library.
Steve Saulsbury Brave Books Sudlersville, Maryland MASSACHUSETTS:
Dear friends with the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee,Warm greetings from the land of the Wampanoag, Nipmuc, Pocomtuc, Nauset andMassachuset nations.We are planning an event for Leonard's birthday as well. September 12, 2006@ Jamaica Pond -5:30 pm Click here for additional information:
In solidarity, Benjamin Evanson behalf of Jericho Boston
Greetings,I am taking Sept. 12th off from work to call and write to those who aresupposed to be representing me to remind and in some cases inform them thatan innocent man is still waiting for justice to be done. I will also beputting another ad in the local paper reminding/informing the public of Leonard's illegal incarceration at the hands of our uncaring and supposedly Christian government officials.
Dave Murray North Mankato, MN Montana:
The North Central Montana American Indian Movement will be hosting their annual Leonard Peltier Birthday get-together Tues. Sept. 12th at the community chat program This is a free download site. Sept 13th, we will be doing his birthday special from 5-7 pm on KNMC 90.1 FM Havre, Montana. The call in number is 406-265-3709, feel free to call in and express your support for Leonard. We do tape our shows and re-play them at pal talk upon request. You'll find the chatroom under the music forum Titled "United Native America" Mitakuye Oyasin. In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, Russell Houle NCMA
New York New York City:
Vivienne Westwood is hosting a special VIP & press screening of "Incident at Oglala" during the Grand Classics - Films with Style event in NYC on September 13th. Please check back soon for more information! New York City: 26 Federal Plaza Manhattan, New YorkWhen: Sept 12, 2006 Time: 3pm- 6pmLeonard Peltier Defense Committee and New York City Leonard Peltier Support Group (NYCLPSG) Please click here for flyer
GRAND CLASSICS: FILMS WITH STYLE British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood will host a special VIP screening of, "Incident at Oglala" on Wednesday, September 13th, 2006 at the Soho House - 29-35 Ninth Avenue - New York City screenings at 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm
I'm putting together a Birthday Party for Leonard!We'll have a custom made Free Peltier Birthday cakeVegetarian PotluckSuper Cool Raffle Prizes (proceeds to go to LPDC)Showing of 'Incident at Oglala'6pm Sept 12@ The NC School of Holistic Herbalism2 Westwood Place Asheville, NC 28806
We will send Leonard a card, as well as posting blogs about him and hisbattle for freedom! There is also a Pow Wow in Loudonville from September15-17 and we will remind everyone there about Leonard Peltier and encouragethem to do what they can to help gain his freedom!Walk in Peace, Linda For Leonard's birthday, we will be having a cookout, and showingdocumentaries. Give our love and prayers to Leonard from everyone at theWarren, Ohio group. We will continue to do what we can to help our brother. In the Spirit Pat Datish
Pennsylvania PENNSYLVANIA, Lewisburg:
A Warrior's Story, Please click here for more information
South Dakota SPONSORED BY LPDC ~ Join our online chat room birthday party for Leonard Peltier's 62nd birthday on September 12th. Where: Paltalk Chatroom ~ Native Issues & Causes, social issues section at When: September 12th at 7pm (mtn time) until ? Please join us and other Leonard Peltier supporters for an evening of chat, music dedicated to Leonard and sending him birthday greetings! The evening’s chatroom (text) will be sent to him to read all of your birthday greetings and messages. The chat room on September 12th for Leonard’s birthday will mark the 1st chatroom of our new ongoing monthly chatrooms that will be held once a month starting in September. October's date will be announced after or in the birthday room. A few of our special chat room guests will include Leonard's legal defense team and LPDC...more guests to be announced soon! If you have any questions about the chatroom please email
Friends and comrades,To help bring attention and good wishes to Leonard on his birthday, wereprinted some of his words of encouragement to other prisoners. Readers ofthe Razor Wire are some of those who will be uplifted by reading andre-reading the intimate and wise thoughts of Leonard Peltier., Chuck Armsbury chuck@november.org
Europe: Belgium BELGIUM:
KOLA/IPF is organizing a worldwide postcard writing campaign to President Bush regarding executive clemency.
Dear friends,
On Sunday 13th August, I took part in a solidarity event - about 50persons signed a birthday card for Leonard, which I will forward to him onthe first or second of September. The people who signed the birthday card forLeonard also signed a letter addressed to Senator Kennedy and Representative Conyers. Greetings, Martina Roels KWIA/Lpsg Belgium England There will be a gathering between 12:30 pm and 1:30pm at the Peltier Tribute Statue in Toxteth Liverpool to remember Leonard’s birthday! The weekend of the 28th of Aug is the Annual Beatles Festival, here in the pool, I will be putting flyers up about Leonard at all the Beatles attractions
I am organizing a showing of Robert Redford's film 'Incident at Oglala' tobe shown at the Forest Cafe in Edinburgh, Alba (Scotland) at 6.00pm on the12th of September. I will try to alert as many media outlets as possible tohighlight the case on the day ... let us free the American Mandela throughthe raising of our voices against this case that pokes a finger in the eyeof United States justice.For additional information regarding the September 12th events, please visit
Tuesday, 12 September "Incident at Oglala" will be shown at the Heather House Hotel in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland. Event starts at 8pm local time. Special guest speaker following the film will be Dave Bailey- Northern Cheyenne- LPDC Representative for Ireland and England.
Address: Heather House Hotel, Strand Road (on the Seafront), Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, Phone: (01) 286-8000.Email:
Dear LPDC Team,I will come together with friends to watch "Incident of Oglala" and we will be writing letters to the US Government! In October I will go to get a Tattoo of Leonard Peltier on my right shoulder. Love, Peace and HopeWarm Regards Bettina
Manitu free acoustic concert for Leonard’s birthday! Singer songwriter Mannalia and rock band Manitu will celebrate Leonard’s birthday by offering a free acoustic concert on Friday September 15th at 10.00 pm at café-restaurant “les Deux-Clées” in Porrentruy, Jura, Switzerland. The band will also perform the song “ Red Child ” written in honor of Leonard and of all Indian people. Mannalia will present Leonard’s story to the audience and will invite people to read Leonard’s “Prison Writings” and to contribute however they can. Flyers telling about Leonard’s story and LPDC will be handed out during the evening and a newsletter will be sent out to the band’s mailing list prior to the concert. The local Newspaper and radios will announce and present the event. On Friday morning Mannalia and guitar player/songwriter/producer David Grillon, will give a radio interview on Leonard’s situation and perform an acoustic song live for Leonard’s birthday. For more information, see:
Australia Sept 7, 2006 Perth, in West Australia:
Indigenous Poetry night and will read "My Life is My Sundance." to open the night. Cheers

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