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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Super heroes: Natives protecting the land

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Congratulations today goes out to all the Native Americans and their colleagues protecting the land from coal mines, power plants and other destructive forces.
The sudden increase in attacks in the media, phone taps and fear tactics, shows the efforts for good are producing results. The corporations, and their puppets within tribal councils, have increased their attacks.
Today's attacks bring back the memory of an interview with Hopi Dan Evehema at the age of 104 at his home on Hopiland. Dan Evehema was protesting destruction to the land by a backhoe in the rain, when he paused on his couch. He told me of the traditional Hopi Sinom. He said they never authorized or recognized the Hopi Tribal Council. The traditional Hopi stood firm against coal mining and power plants. The traditional Hopi elders stood in solidarity with Navajos at Big Mountain and throughout Black Mesa.
Now, from the northern border to the southern border, American Indians struggling to protect their lands and true sovereignty are under attack, losing their jobs and everything they have in their struggles.
Today, the media has been coopted. Most news reporters know when they are giving voice to lies. They do it to keep getting a paycheck.
However, those who promote the destruction of the land, air and water, with the knowledge that they are promoting lies, are responsible. Those who promote the lies of politicians to continue the death and destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan are also responsible.
These news reporters, publishers and producers are responsible for the diseases and deaths when they act against the dictates of their own true self, in violation of their own knowledge of truth.
Censored News celebrates all of you who are struggling for justice and dignity, against the oppression of colonizers and colonized thought.
We celebrate all of you out there, fighting the good fight. You know who you are.

--Brenda Norrell

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