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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MNN: Vermin Infest 6 Nations


Mohawk Nation News

MNN. Sep. 1, 2184. [Article written 125 years into the future.] Kanata is the original Mohawk name of Canada, the land that was temporarily occupied by the invaders. It means “settlement” of Indigenous people from coast to coast. Toronto and Ontario are both Mohawk words.
Did you know that once upon a time we were infested with people from the old country? They came here uninvited and stayed a while. They wouldn’t stop messing up Great Turtle Island and finally had to leave.
The o-tsi-no-wen-ko-wa, the rats, were not original to Great Turtle Island. They came with the ruffians on their sailing ships. These invaders and their pets had the same character, parasitic, dirty, greedy, destructive of the environment, disease ridden and had a preference for greasy processed franchise food. The Indigenous always told these interlopers and their slaves we could not stand their destruction and theft. They would not stop.
This story is about some of the things they did to us way back in 2009. They were coming to the end of their cruelty and fantasy about being the dominant class of the world. They panicked when we started to resist their greed for our land, resources and lives. Their fraudulent authority based on threats, violence and ignorance started crumbing. They bullied and murdered even more of our people for a while. It didn’t work.
A Mohawk woman of the Haudenosaunee community of Six Nations codenamed told this story on August 31, 2009 about some of the hysteria of these vermin.
“OPP's "Operation Oscar" has been in full force for over a month now. They are trying to regain their illegal authority over Plank Road backed by the other foreigners on Kanata, which is getting overrun by desperate red neck carpetbaggers.
Caledonia has been made into an OPP hotspot again. The latest hit by the OPP Gestapo, Nazi CANADA, Fascist ONTARIO and the Haldimand Storm Trooper is to harass customers of Indigenous business enterprises on Highway 6. Their Brown Shirt mouthpiece, Gary McHale, and his band of terrorists complained to the municipality, police and Canada Excise.
Last night my family and I were going to the mall. We approached Highway 6 and 6th line. About 6 OPP police cars were parked along the highway. Several officers were standing by. One cruiser had its emergency lights flashing, which is one of their attention-getting toys.
I pulled over and got out. Two Indigenous women were standing by the road near their car. The two Canada Excise agents had on thick bulletproof vests, without the capes, to protect themselves from dirty looks. They need this silly get-up to make them look strong, powerful and invincible. They hid in the crowd. These two ladies had bought products at one of the shops on Highway 6. Bogus charges were thrown at them and their products were seized. In effect, Canada Excise and OPP claimed they have the gun power to extort their share of "unpaid duty”!
I informed one of the ladies if she took this to court, she could win her case. The OPP and Canada Excise are violating our rights to trade, barter, self-determination and autonomy.
Then the OPP goons told me to get back into my car and leave and that I was interfering with their crime in progress.
I told the OPP goon that just because he had guns and tasers didn't mean a damn thing. He had no legitimate authority or jurisdiction on Okwehonnwe land. He threatened to arrest me for obstruction of justice and speaking the truth. I asked him what "justice"? Another OPP told me to complain to OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino, an Italian immigrant. They wrote down my plate number and drove away”.
125 years ago this nasty foreign colony on Kanata did not want our children to be fed, clothed or to prosper on our land!!! Strong arming and bashing was how they were treated in the old country. This did not work on Onowaregeh.
The puppet Indian band council and their co-conspirators were set up by the foreigners to violate our sovereignty. They just waited for their money, orders, kisses and strokes from their alien bosses. Eventually the Indigenous people resisted too much, the economy melted down and the money became worthless. These traitors were paraded through the community and exposed for espionage and conspiracy. Many chose to go on the sailing ships and planes to the old country with their bosses where they died with the rats in the gutters of Europe. Some called this justice.
Yes, our people constantly resisted. That’s why you are here today. As you children can see, these bullies stayed here as long as they could steal from us. Now they’re gone. We’re still cleaning up Great Turtle Island and trying to bring back the original environment, plants and animals. Aren’t we glad they f..ked off and never came back?
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