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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Border Patrol bribes and twisted news

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Photo: Angie Ramon, Tohono O'odham, at the site where her son was ran over and killed by the US Border Patrol. Photo Brenda Norrell

Today, ABC News is exposing the fact that US Border Agents take cash bribes at the border. Hello? ABC News acts like this is news. Where have they been?

Unfortunately, ABC News reveals its naivete and lack of knowledge of the facts by focusing on the US-sponsored fear line.

The focus is always on "terrorism" to keep Americans living in fear, while the truth gets buried. The truth is US Border Patrol agents are running drugs, murdering people and abusing Indigenous Peoples in their homelands.

The fear line keeps the cash flowing to border wall builders, US private security firms that excel in terror and torture and US private prisons where abuse thrives.

And of course the hype of the "T" word, "terrorism" increases the number of television viewers and advertising dollars for ABC News.

Angie Ramon, whose 18-year-old son Bennett Patricio, Jr., was run over and killed by the US Border Patrol, said US Border Agents murdered her son intentionally when he walked up on a drug transfer in the desert at 3 a.m. Angie has fought a lonely battle, with no help from the Tohono O'odham Nation, which has been coopted by Homeland Security and the US Border Patrol.

Angie has taken the case of her son all the way to the Ninth Circuit, but still there is no justice. In the end, she didn't even have an attorney at the Ninth Circuit, but she continued. Since the Ninth Circuit said she could file murder charges, she has been searching for funds to hire an attorney.

Still, Angie has the courage to continue. She sent a message to ABC News today.
Here's the twisted story at ABC:
Comment from Censored News and Angie Ramon, Tohono O'odham, to ABC News: The real story is that US Border Patrol agents are involved in drug running at the border. ABC News should not fall prey to the US-government sponsored fear line and instead be at the border to find out the truth. The truth is that US Border Patrol agents murder people and get away with it (check the federal court records), rape women and this is concealed and constantly abuse Indigenous Peoples in their own territories. Angie Ramon, Tohono O'odham, whose son Bennett Patricio, Jr., 18, was ran over and killed by the US Border Patrol near the border on tribal land in Arizona, sends this message to ABC NEWS. Ramon said the US Border Patrol agents, parked back to back in the desert at 3 am, intentionally ran over and killed her son when he walked up on the drug transfer in the night. She took the case all the way to the Ninth Circuit, but no court has had the courage to rule against the Border Patrol and expose the extent of drug running by Border Patrol agents. The fear tactic used by ABC News only fuels the industries of border profiteers: security companies, border wall builders and private prisons.
--Brenda Norrell, Censored News,

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Lara Lynn Lane said...

I'm not a legal expert but I do know that the Southern Poverty Law Center is a good resource. As well, the people at Turtle Talk may be able to help.

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