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Friday, September 25, 2009

United Native Americans: First militant Indian organization

United Native Americans, Inc Was The First Militant Indian Organization To Rise To National Prominence Back In 1968

25 Sep 2009
By United Native Americans

Greetings All My Relatives,

Being The Fact That United Native Americans, Inc Was The First Militant Indian Organization To Rise To National Prominence Back In 1968; We Would Like to Take This Time To Share With All The World Some of Articles Published In The First International; Indian News Paper "War Path" Both Written & Produced By Members of United Native Americans, Inc.
Also, We Would Like Point Out The Fact That It Was United Native Americans, Inc Whom Founded & Coordinated The First Native Americans Studies Program in The United States at UC Berkeley.
And Because of This Extremely Important Program, Most, if Not All of Today's Recognized Leaders In Indian Country Have Reaped The Benefits of Participating And or Graduating From The NAS & or The AIS Program Currently Being Offered Around The World. Today, We Are Now Able to Preserve Many of Our Different languages And Document Our Nations Creation Story's at These Esteem University's Around The World.

"Education is One if The Most Powerful Tools We Can Equip Our Youth With In order to Be Successful In Today's Society". Professor Lehman L. Brightman-National President of U.N.A. Many of The Events Documented In The War Path Have Not Been Viewed By Many, if Not Any of Today's Youth. These Historical Documents Are Available Upon Request. For More Information About The Many Different Accomplishments Of United Native Americans, Inc. In Our Over Forty One Year's Of Service To Our Community, Feel Free to Visit Our Web Page at United Native Americans, Inc. (or U.N.A.) was formed in 1968 in San Francisco, California to promote the General Welfare of Native Americans. There are no paid staff or officers in U.N.A. and all work is donated. U.N.A. is not funded and exists solely on the support derived from membership dues, the sale of U.N.A. Merchandise, Tee Shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, and Posters, plus the few donations that have been received.
U.N.A was founded by Indians for Indians and is controlled by Indians.
U.N.A. has been Labeled a "Militant" organization because of it's Aggressive Stand it has taken and because of the slogan it stresses--"INDIAN POWER", which is defined as Self-Determination, the Right to Run your Own Affairs and to Direct your Own Destiny, which is something Indian People Definitely Need. U.N.A is Definitely an Action Organization and if this means "Militant" then we are Militants. We as Native Americans, in order to perpetuate our Heritage, Exercise Constructive Leadership, and to perfect a Native American Organization which will Respond to the Needs of Native Americans.
U.N.A. Strives to Improve Indian Image.
U.N.A. has been one of the Strongest advocates to improve the "Negative" image of Indian People, and has been critical of the "Movie Industry" for their Exploitation of Indians, and the Stereotype they have created of the "drunken, inarticulate, savage." Academic Revolutionary; Lehman Brightman Founded & Coordinated The First Native Americans Studies Program in The United States at UC Berkeley.
U.N.A. Testifies In Congress.
In 1968, Senate Sub-Committee Hearings on Indian Education held in Washington D.C., U.N.A. National President, Lehman L. Brightman gave some very damaging evidence against the Bureau of Indian Affairs boarding schools and their policy of taking young Indian children way from their parents and placing them in 'off-reservation" boarding schools, thousands of miles away from their homes. Mr. Brightman called Indian Education under the Bureau of Indian Affairs a "National Disgrace."
U.N.A. Investigates Indian Boarding Schools.
U.N.A. has tried to act as a "watch dog" over the governmental agencies that control Indian affairs, and has been extremely critical of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the U.S. Public Health Service for their lack of Aid and callous treatment of Indian people. Since 1968, U.N.A. has investigated four of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Boarding Schools because of complaints of "brutality, - lack of food, -overcrowded living quarters, and to find out why these four high schools were not state accredited." The four government boarding schools investigated by U.N.A. were: Sherman Institute in Riverside, California, --Stewart Institute in Carson City, Nevada, -- Pierre Indian School in Pierre, South Dakota and Phoenix Indian School in Phoenix, Arizona."
U.N.A. Investigates Indian Hospitals.
Due to other complaints by Indian people of "poor medical service and other wrong doings," U.N.A. investigated two Indian hospitals run by the U.S. Public Health Service and exposed the "outrageous practices" to the public and Federal Authorities. The Hospitals investigated by U.N.A. were: Phoenix Indian Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona and the Indian Hospital on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in Eagle Butte, South Dakota.
Services Provided by U.N.A.
The duties and services provided by U.N.A. are many and varied. U.N.A. provides the security of knowing that someone cares and will go to bat for them when all others won't. We fully realize that Indian people alone cannot rise out of this pit of poverty and neglect and it will take the combined efforts of Indians and Sympathetic non-Indians. For this reason U.N.A. accepts non-Indians as associate members who desire to help and their "expertise" in the fields of 'Law", Education, Medicine, etc, can be put to good use.
We as Native Americans, in order to perpetuate our Heritage, Exercise Constructive Leadership, and to perfect a Native American Organization which will Respond to the Needs of Native American. The Purpose of United Native Americans, Inc. Shall be:
(1) To Actively Participate in Promoting the Health, Education and Welfare of All Native Americans.
(2) To Encourage and Develop Leadership among Native American People.
(3) To Promote Cooperation among Native Americans and their Organizations.
(4) To Focus Public Attention upon those areas in which Injustices to Native Americans can be Fully Recognized and Corrected.
(5) To Encourage and perpetuate the Native American Heritage with it's individual Tribal Customs and Traditions.
(6) To Eliminate Prejudice and Discrimination Against Native Americans.
(7) To Promote the General Welfare of All Native Americans.
United Native Americans,Inc. Lehman L. Brightman: National President
2434 Faria Ave Pinole, California 94564 (510)672-7187 (510)672-7187 or (510)837-0074 (510)837-0074
Application For Membership
Name ...Birthdate ...Address ...Occupation ...Area you of Indian Descent? ...Are you a member of a Federally Recognized Tribe or Tribes? ...Give name(s) ...Do you speak an Indian Language? ...If so, What? ...To what other Indian Organizations do you belong to? ...Are you applying for regular or associate membership? ...Contact Information (Email and Phone Number) Signature of Applicant Date
United Native Americans, Inc. Lehman L. Brightman: National President 2434 Faria Ave Pinole, California 94564 (510)672-7187 (510)672-7187 or (510)837-0074 (510)837-0074
Number Deputy Date Indian Regular Membership Non-Indian Associate Membership

We Also Have Historical Video Footage That Is Currently Available For Public View Which PREDATES The Alcatraz Take Over By One Month. Indians Invade Mount Rushmore-1970 Part One:In 1969, at a time when there were only ten Native American PHDs, Academic Revolutionary Lehman Brightman Founded & Coordinated The First Native Americans Studies Program in The United States at UC Berkeley. Two Months Into Assuming the teaching position at UCB, Brightman & a Group of Students attended the Annual Meeting of The National Congress of American Indians.
October 9th 1969 NCAI Held their Annual Meeting in Albuquerque New Mexico. At that Time, says Brightman, "it was the largest, most politically powerful Indian Group in The United States---Every Indian Of Importance was there."
Scheduled speakers included Vice President Spiro Theodore Agnew & Walter J. Hickel, the Nixon-appointed Secretary of the Interior and Edward Kennedy. At the time Hickel, whose Office Oversaw the Bureau of Indian Affairs, was leading a Movement to END ALL FEDERAL TREATIES with Indian Nations. ''We can't just let nature run wild,'' said Walter J. Hickel. Professor Brightman, who had Testified before Congress Against Hickel's appointment Organized a Picket Line that Booed Hickel Off The Stand. Later, Members of United Native Americans,Inc Duped The BIA into Signing a Petition Calling For Hickel's Resignation. United Native Americans,Inc Was The First Militant Indian Organization To Rise To National Prominence.
Walter J. Hickel served as governor of Alaska from 1966-1968 and from 1990 -- 1994 and as U.S. secretary of the interior from 1969 -- 1970. Theodore Agnew- is the only Vice President in U.S. history to resign because of criminal charges.
Part Two.Indians Invade Mount Rushmore
On August 29th, 1970, a small group of dedicated young Indians Invaded Mount Rushmore, the so called "National Shrine of Democracy," located in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The Indian people who took part in this out standing feat, did so at the Invitation of the Local Indian people from Rapid City, South Dakota and the Surrounding Reservations. Most of these young Indians were from Different Tribes and Reservations who Volunteered to Help the Sioux in their efforts to force the Federal Government to pay for the illegal taking of their land 94 years ago in 1877. The Invasion started at 8:00PM. Sat. Evening, the 29th of August 1970, when 23 young Indians, most of whom were college students, braved arrest and fines to help the Sioux regain their Sacred Black Hills. By 7:00AM the next Morning after an all night game of hide and seek or (rangers and Indians) most of the protesters had reached the Top of the Mountain near the four faces of the Presidents, where they hung out a large flag, with the Words, "SIOUX INDIAN POWER." And After a Brief ceremony, they renamed the Mountain "Crazy Horse Mountain" in Honor of the Famous war chief "Crazy Horse."
The Principal Leaders of the Invasion were: Lehman Brightman, National President of (U.N.A.) Dennis Banks, Executive Director of (A.I.M), Russell Means, the Leader of the Cleveland (A.I.M.) group and Carrol Swan, who helped coordinate the whole affair. Once all 23 members had reached the top and assembled, they proceeded to Establish a camp and an occupation that would last for approximately three months, or until Severe winter weather forced the withdrawal.
The incredible story behind this invasion and Occupation started five days earlier, when the local Sioux Indian people from Rapid City, South Dakota and the surrounding reservations established picket lines at the base of the monument. But after four days and nights of demonstrations the park authorities were not only not listening, but seemed to think the whole thing was a big joke. That is until the local People invited out of state Indians and National Indian Organizations to Aid them in their heroic endeavor.

After taking the mountain and occupying it for a period of ten days or more, most of the college students and others were forced to return to school or their jobs, but by then the movement had caught on and Indian People from Across South Dakota were visiting the Mountain bring Food and Water and Replacing the original invaders by two fold. This was the First Indian uprising in South Dakota since the Sioux Wiped Out Custer in 1876, and suddenly young and old alike were taking new faith, Indians were Fighting Back.

During the Second day of the Occupation the park authorities sent a message they wanted to talk with the leaders of the group to determine what they wanted and how long they intended to stay, Lehman Brightman replied, "as long as the grass grows, the water flows and the sunshine's," which didn't seem to please them much.

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