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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LISTEN NOW: Clyde Bellecourt AIM San Francisco

42nd Anniversary of AIM
hosted by AIM West
Listen NOW: AIM Women's Leadership

Yvonne Swan, Morning Star Gali, Anne Begay, Madonna Thunder Hawk and Corine Fairbanks.
Anne Begay, Navajo, mother of Kathy Peltier, daughter of Leonard Peltier, told of being questioned when Kathy was two years old.
He said, “Well, we know who you are. And if you’re smart, you’ll know what we did to Anna Mae can happen to your daughter too.”
The women's panel is speaking now of infiltration and the government agents with "shiny shoes" that stalked them and led to lives of fear for their children.
Yvonne Swan, Colville, said the government is just a screen for the corporations. Madonna Thunderhawk, Lakota, spoke of the beginning of the movement and the harmony and spirit of family that existed. "As Clyde said, 'We were a movement.'" She said, "Anyone could jump on our bandwagon."
"The respect was just there."
Thunderhawk spoke of men and women treating one another with respect and dignity.
To watch the AIM Women's Leadership presentation, slide time bar (the tiny circle forward to 1:54:00 ) Watch video recorded Tuesday:
Previous speaker on video: Clyde Bellecourt

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