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Monday, November 8, 2010

Navajo Hall of Shame: 51 Council Delegates' Water Rights Giveaway

Navajo Nation Council Special Session Regarding Legislation Number 0422-10
“Approving the Proposed North Eastern Arizona Indian Water Rights Settlements
Censored News
Photo: Eric Hardy
Votes: [ Yes 51 ], [ No 24 ], [ Not Voting 13 ]
The following 51 Delegates voting “YES” for water settlement
1 Evelyn Acothley (Bodaway-Gap/Cameron/Coppermine)

2 Leonard Anthony (Shiprock)

3 George Arthur (T'iistoh Bikaad/San Juan/Nenanezad)

4 Pete Ken Atcitty (Shiprock)

5 Andy R. Ayze (Chinle)

6 Elmer P. Begay (Dilcon/Teesto)

7 Kee Allen Begay, Jr. (Many Farms/Round Rock)

8 Mel Begay (Coyote Canyon/Mexican Springs)

9 Sampson Begay (Jeddito/Steamboat/Low Mountain)

10 Willie Begay (Chilchinbeto/Kayenta)

11 Katherine Benally (Dennehotso)

12 Ralph Bennett (Crystal/Red Lake/Sawmill)

13 Ray Berchman (Oak Springs/St. Michaels)

14 Jerry Bodie (Sanostee)

15 Leonard Chee (Birdsprings/Leupp/Tolani Lake)

16 Harry H. Clark (Chinle)

17 Harry Claw (Chinle)

18 Jack Colorado (Bodaway-Gap/Cameron/Coppermine)

19 Herman Daniels, Sr. (Oljato)

20 Leslie Dele (Tonalea)

21 Roy B. Dempsey (Oak Springs/St. Michaels)

22 Cecil Frank Eriacho (Ramah)

23 Jerry Freddie (Dilcon/Teesto)

24 Tim Goodluck (Houck/Lupton/Nahata Dziil)

25 Nelson Gorman, Jr. (Chinle)

26 Phillip Harrison Jr. (Red Valley/Cove)

27 Lee Jack, Sr. (Whitecone/Indian Wells)

28 Raymond Joe (Tachee/Blue Gap/Whippoorwill)

29 Norman John II (Twin Lakes)

30 Tom Lapahe (Tachee/Blue Gap/Whippoorwill)

31 Roy Laughter (Chilchinbeto/Kayenta)

32 Joe M. Lee (Chichiltah)

33 Woody Lee (Sweetwater)

34 Lena Manheimer (Ts'ah Bii Kin/Navajo Mountain)

35 Kee Yazzie Mann (Kaibeto)

36 Raymond Maxx (Coalmine Canyon/Toh Nanees Dizi)

37 Herman R. Morris (Naschitti/Tohatchi)

38 Francis Redhouse (Teecnospos)

39 David B. Rico (Pueblo Pintado/Torreon/Whitehorse Lake)

40 Bobby Robbins Sr. (Coalmine Canyon/Toh Nanees Dizi)

41 Danny Simpson (Huerfano)

42 Leonard Teller (Lukachukai/Tsaile/Wheatfields)

43 GloJean Todacheene (Shiprock)

44 Leonard Tsosie (Pueblo Pintado/Torreon/Whitehorse Lake)

45 Tommy Tsosie (LeChee)

46 Thomas Walker, Jr. (Birdsprings/Leupp/Tolani Lake)

47 Harold Wauneka (Fort Defiance)

48 Elbert R. Wheeler (Many Farms/Round Rock)

49 Harry J. Willeto (Nageezi/Ojo Encino/Counselor)

50 Harry Williams, Sr. (Coalmine Canyon/Toh Nanees Dizi)

51 Peterson B. Yazzie (Naschitti/Tohatchi)

The following Delegates voting “NO” for water settlement
1 Larry Anderson, Sr. (Fort Defiance)

2 Lorenzo Bedonie (Hardrock/Pinon)

3 Omer Begay, Jr. (Cornfields/Greasewood Springs/Klagetoh/Wide Ruins)

4 Nelson Begaye (Lukachukai/Tsaile/Wheatfields)

5 Alice W. Benallly (Crownpoint/Nahodishgish)

6 Benjamin Curley (Kinlichee/Ganado)

7 Lorenzo Curley (Houck/Lupton/Nahata Dziil)

8 Charles Damon (Baahaali/Church Rock)

9 Davis Filfred (Mexican Water/Aneth/Red Mesa)

10 Curran Hannon (Oak Springs/St. Michaels)

11 Orlanda Smith-Hodge (Cornfields/Greasewood Springs/Klagetoh/Wide Ruins)

12 Harry Hubbard (Becenti/Lake Valley/Standing Rock/White Rock)

13 Edward V. Jim, Sr. (Greyhills/Sheepsprings/Newcomb)

14 Amos F. Johnson (Forest Lake)

15 Hoskie Kee (Littlewater/Baca-Prewitt/Casamero Lake)

16 Ervin M. Keeswood, Sr. (Tse Daa Kaan)

17 Preston McCabe Sr. (Hardrock/Pinon)

18 Hope MacDonald Lone Tree (Coalmine Canyon/Toh Nanees Dizi)

19 Kenneth Maryboy (Mexican Water/Aneth/Red Mesa)

20 Elmer L. Milford (Fort Defiance)

21 Ida M. Nelson (Red Rock)

22 Roscoe D. Smith (Crystal/Red Lake/Sawmill)

23 Edmund E. Yazzie (Thoreau)

24 Ernest D. Yazzie, Jr. (Baahaali/Church Rock)

The following Delegates NOT voting

1 George Apachito (Alamo)

2 Lorenzo C. Bates (Upper Fruitland)

3 Harriett K. Becenti (Manuelito/Rock Springs/Tseyatoh)

4 Rex Lee Jim (Rock Point)

5 Lawrence T. Morgan (Iyanbito/Pinedale)

6 Johnny Naize (Tselani/Cottonwood/Nazlini)

7 Jonathan Nez (Shonto)

8 Larry Noble (Jeddito/Steamboat/Low Mountain)

9 Lawrence R. Platero (Tohajiilee)

10 David Shondee (Chilchinbeto/Kayenta)

11 David L. Tom (Beclabito/Gadiiahi)

12 Young Jeff Tom (Mariano Lake/Smith Lake)

13 Willie Tracey, Jr. (Ganado/Kinlichee)

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Unknown said...

Man! Shiprock All sold out! I'm from there and I feel my leaderZ disappointed me. Chris Francisco.

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