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Monday, November 22, 2010

VIDEO: Virginia Police attack Akwesasne film crew in 'Mississippi Burning' style attack

Virginia State Police vs. Akwesasne
by Giniti Harcum El Bey

Censored News

Virginia State Police stopped van occupied by Onkwehonwe shooting movie in Virginia. Driver was allegedly speeding and did not have license. He got two tickets.
Troopers starting Harassing Leadhorse Choctaw, because he didn't have ID and arrested him. Leadhorse was released on $5000 bail.
The men were told that Northerners and Indians are not liked here because this is where the South surrendered to the North in War of Aggression (misnomer Civil War). Ely Parker (Seneca) drew up the surrender papers and it is said to have actually accepted the surrender.
What crimes did these cops commit? Tell it to them.
Virginia State Police James M. Buzzard Badge 551 Division 3 - Area 21 240 Third Division Loop
Appomattox, Virginia 24522 Phone complaint: 434-352-7128 (434-352-9058 Fax)


Waya said...

This is totally uncalled for. If ya ask me that one bald one is a skinhead/kkk any way. Can I have permission to put this vid on my FaceBook?

Waya said...

Sorry for the dup but I need to recieve follow-ups to find out if I can use this vid on my FaceBook.

Censored News, publisher Brenda Norrell said...

Thanks for commenting Waya. The permission would need to come from the videomaker and writer. Best, Brenda

Waya said...

Thank you brenda. I just found a "share" button at the top of the page. (i imagine if the share button is there that it's ok) 8-/

Unknown said...

Sorry Wayans didn't see your post. Yes, you may repost video.