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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Red Road Cancun: Explosing the lies and demanding climate justice

The Indigenous Environmental Network team exposes the scam of carbon trading, and the debt of polluting nations
By Brenda Norrell
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CANCUN, Mexico – The scam of carbon trading and false solutions to climate change are being exposed by the Indigenous Environmental Network, in a live broadcast from a crew of Native broadcasters at the Cancun Climate Summit.

The Indigenous Environmental Network’s live program, Red Road Cancun, was hosted today by Casey Camp-Horinek, Ponca from Oklahoma and Dallas Goldtooth, Dakota Navajo. The team includes Clayton Thomas-Muller, Cree and Tar Sands Campaign organizer from Canada.

Tom Goldtooth, IEN executive director, Navajo and Dakota, said the negotiations in Cancun are now being coopted by the industrialized nations, including the US, Canada and European nations.

“Carbon trading benefits the polluters of the north,” Goldtooth said. He also urged a halt to new fossil fuel development.

IEN is exposing the debt from the north and its responsibility to restore forests, without carbon offsets and carbon debts.

As tens of thousands of people arrive in Cancun, Goldtooth said the webcast, Red Road Cancun, is exposing the false solutions. “Carbon trading is hiding the real issues,” he said.

Social movements are converging on Cancun from throughout the world and demanding climate justice.

Goldtooth said IEN is looking at climate justice in regards to human rights issues, public health issues and Indigenous rights. He described the passion of social movements and Indigenous Peoples in building a base of resistance: Non-violent, direct action.

“As Native people we have to go to the heart of who we are,“ said Goldtooth, pointing out that Anishinaabe back home in Minnesota realize how the weather is changing, as they fish and carry out traditional lives, as do coastal Natives.

Goldtooth said the expansion of oil drilling, coal mines and power plants are destroying the earth while increasing pollution and sickness, especially for Native Americans.

In Cancun, Natives with IEN are exposing the contradictions of the United Nations’ official negotiations.

Goldtooth said it is important for the world to reevaluate the meaning of the sacredness of Mother Earth. Indigenous Peoples with traditional knowledge have solutions and have the right to have a voice, he said.

On the issues of global justice, Goldtooth said there has been a blackout by the media. “We have been here, but we have been invisible.”

Calling on people around the world to support climate justice, Goldtooth said December 7 is a day of global protest and action. “One Thousand Cancuns,“ is mobilizing people around the world.

Indigenous Peoples, including IEN, are supporting Bolivia and President Evo Morales, which created the Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia, in April. This gathering resulted in the Peoples Agreement on the Rights of Mother Earth.

With their own Native communication team in Cancun, Goldtooth said IEN is watching the governments of the world and what message the media is spinning.

The multinational corporations back home, he said, do not want Native people to hear what Indigenous Peoples are saying in Cancun.

Pushing for a real reduction of greenhouse gases, Goldtooth said, “We are able to bring that truth to light through the media.”

Twa-le Abrahamson, Spokane Naiton, founding member and Youth Coordinator of the SHAWL (Sovereignty, Health, Air, Water, Land) Society, from Washington state, is on IEN’s communication team.

Abrahamson is sharing the news of the climate justice being organized for people of color in Cancun, including those of Youth for Climate Justice from the US, which is creating a leadership pipeline for youth of color. During today’s interview, it was pointed out that people that don’t have the $350 to stay at the Moon Palace each night in Cancun, are struggling with getting to the sessions, especially minorities, who are being excluded from the process.

Abrahamson attended the Indigenous Caucus Meeting at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change today. "Indigenous Peoples are the most adversely affected by the effects and some of the proposed solutions of climate change. Nuclear energy is being marketed around the world as a clean/green energy source. It is not," she said.

Kandi Mossett spoke of burying her friend, her own age, from cancer, back home in North Dakota. Describing the pollution from the power plants and other pollution surrounding Native people, Mossett said, “We are human beings, just because we don’t have money, doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings.” Mossett is a member of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation from Fort Berthold.

Mossett described how carbon trading market scams result in Indigenous Peoples losing their forests, after signing contracts that appear on the surface to be "saving the forests." Then, non Native species are planted that harm the environment and Native people lose all control of their forests and their homelands.

Ben Powless, Mohawk, observing the UN negotiations, said Indigenous Peoples are the most impacted from the destruction of Mother Earth. “It is time for respecting Indigenous rights and respecting Indigenous sovereignty,“ said Powless, adding that Indigenous Peoples are in Cancun to bring real change, not superficial change.
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1 comment:

opit said...

Now that's an expose on corruption I can get behind.

I have never really just gone flat out and said my excursions into Climate Change science have been, in the final analysis, sheer, utter and complete disbelief in any proposition that it is possible to a) construct a useful working model of our complex and interconnected system where all drivers are not identified, let alone understood. And I do believe the observation that we have an open system where atmosphere can and does boil off, matter from space affects the planet, and variations in orbit and galactic position will affect radiation inputs makes any such model a fantasy.
And do not believe b) that Man has the capacity to project future trends from any truncated model he may assemble. Not reliably, provably, etc. and certainly not within a timeline usefully comparing past trends.

An assembly of items called 'Climate in Contention' is not an argument against Anthropogenic Global Warming as such. What is does do is illustrate diversity of opinion and chronic use of False Logic and Strawman Argumentation to defuse analysis and 'sell' AGW via emotional appeal, fear, suspicion, and Poisoning the Well claims that all disputation is motivated by greed. In other words...discussion is unnecessary, irrelevant, impossible and fruitless.
That's not a convincing presentation : quite the contrary. It points to Lying.
See the Topical Index at for the Climate file...though others trash corporate media as controlled and perverted commentary.

To me the problem is what you also say : Pollution. Real, actual, verifiable, overwhelming in diversity and quantity ; ruining water supplies and affecting people in many ways - likely including immune 'dysfunctions' and chronic conditions.

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