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December 1, 2011

Ben Carnes: 125 words for Obama

By Ben Carnes, Choctaw
Censored News

Ben Carnes
 A friend of mine wrote According to eHow, the average person speaks 125 words in a minute.  
In reference to the meeting in DC, I thought of what I would say in one minute. After some thought, the following 125 words, although directed at Obama, might be better served to show the so-called tribal leaders that they need to learn to speak up. If nothing else, it would succinctly state what so many people feel.
Mr. Obama
Appreciate your generous offer to give one minute to speak. Let me say, You Suck! You are a coward who cannot stand behind your promises or convictions, if you had any! Your betrayal will be remembered as another in a long line of broken promises behind your grandiose smile of greed.
You could not grant freedom from an unjust imprisonment to Peltier with a stroke of a pen. You could not find the courage to remove the shackles of repressive laws and acts of congress from us to begin the process of healing and moving forward. Instead, your actions have only weighted us down further into the bowls of America. You will be remembered like Custer, Lincoln and Jackson. They sucked too!

Ben Carnes

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Anonymous said...

for me its a great pleasure to know: there is a very clear man who has the courage to fill the longshorttime
with exactly The Truth