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December 28, 2011

Dakotas ride for the ancestors to Mankato

Dakotos Ride for the Ancestors to Mankato
KEYC screen capture photos by Censored News
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149 years ago today 38 Dakota Indians were hung in Mankato.
It's a dark day in history but a group of American Indians are hoping to change that with a tradition that's about forgiveness.
The 330-mile ride started in South Dakota and ends here in Mankato, the site of the largest mass execution in America's history.
Miller says, "In the dream I see 38 of my ancestors being hung. The dream and I know that it came from the creator so I acted on it."
From Jim Miller's dream this ride was born... over 8 years ago.
Miller says, "our main goal is to do reconciliation."
Although the death of their ancestors is a difficult thing to accept they hope the ride helps with that reconciliation.
Peter Lengkeek says, "Those things that we felt take them use them in a GOOD WAY."

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