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December 11, 2011

Hactivists become heroes of the voiceless

Hactivists become heroes of the voiceless

Censored News

The hacktivists at AntiSec are becoming the heroes for the voiceless, the only place to turn for those who are beaten by police, or victimized by the ruthless.
With their typical humor, and genius, AntiSec released 'Suckerpunching Sunday' today.
Those in power, who long believed themselves to be 'untouchables,' because of their positions and who they knew, now have a new entity to reckon with.
And, as they say, there's too many of them globally to arrest them all. They are modernday Robin Hoods, increasingly in demand. Here's their release today.
--Censored News

  1. Suckerpunching Security Sunday \$$$$$$ |
  2. \__| \______/
  3. Greetings, lulzlovers around the world.
  4. The American law enforcement's inhumane treatments of occupiers has caught our attention. You have shown through these actions that you are nothing more than puppets in the hands of your government. We have seen our fellow brothers & sisters being teargassed for exercising their fundamental liberal rights, the exact ones that were bestowed upon them by their Constitution. Due to this and several other reasons we are releasing the entire member database of (The Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail). An organization who works to "encourage mutual cooperation between all law enforcement agencies and retail corporations". This fun little database dump includes hashed passwords, physical and email addresses, phone numbers etc. of many military, law enforcement officers, large corporations such as Microsoft, federal agents & security companies. Many of the users reuse their passwords elsewhere, so we encourage all of our lulz loving friends to deface & leak their twitters, facebooks and private email accounts as well as spreading their d0xes far and wide across the internet ocean. The website requires new members to be approved by an administrator, meaning the validity of this information is relatively high.
  6. ################ FORUM PM'S #################
  7. Link:
  8. We are Anti-Security
  9. We do not forgive police brutality
  10. We do not forget our brothers suffering
  11. We will avenge.
  12. You should have expected us.
  13. Remember - We are always inside your rootdir.
  14. Brought to you by your friendly lulz loving pirate - Exphin1ty (@exphin1ty on twitter)

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