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December 10, 2011

Mohawk Nation News 'Rats Desert Sinking Ship'

By Mohawk Nation News

MNN.  Dec. 9, 2011. Our canoe continues to float and move forward.  The invaders’ ships with their mighty masts are sinking.  The rats aboard are feeble and abandoning ship. 

The invaders came to Great Turtle Island temporarily.  The poor were sent here.  The rich came for more riches.  They murdered and exploited us.  

Figures reveal that one out of three will be indigenous here within a generation.    The visitors will have to work and share. They can’t do that. So they’re leaving. 

These unnatural people have been conditioned to serve their ruling secret cabal which is now re-directing them to other places.

They do strange things like drink another mammal’s milk without getting sick. They are separated from their mother at birth. They are put in separate rooms to become individuals and alone in the world. Then they are taught the first great white lie, that there is a Santa Claus. Then they know it’salright to lie, first to their parents and than to lie just like them. 

White males say they have no future in the US; laws once protected their underhanded activities. The loopholes they needed got closed. It’s harder to brutalize, rob and enslave us. 

They have difficulty finding love, marriage or companionship. They don’t want to take care of anybody. Their preference is finding compatibility on the internet or having a foreign spouse they can abandon. 

Over 5 million students and workers are living abroad. 

Almost 10% of US households are planning to leave. Another 10% are planning to live outside on a part-time basis.   

They say the tax man is chasing them away, taking their money, investment and jobs with them.  

Manufacturing has already gone to China and administration to India. 

They put their money in off shore accounts to avoid taxes.  Expat Americans are classified as terrorists, arms dealers and money launderers so their US bank accounts can be frozen.  Many are renouncing their citizenship.

These professionals and skilled go where there are other Caucasians to start businesses and have a congenial life. Mostly, they go where their employees work for less, have no unions and can get a full time housekeeper or personal assistant for $50 a month. 

The American dream is a tired joke.  US politicians are corrupt toothy cutouts looking for deals to enrich themselves.  They swindled the future, leaving a pilfered cupboard and a trail of lies.

US life is small and worthless.  Lawless overlords blare ghetto trash, rap, Jerry Springer, whores, criminal culture, guns, perversion, child abuse, drug kings, sports, celebrities and CSI. 

Rundown cities are controlled by the rulers, run by police and military.
46 million are on food stamps. The homeless, hungry, unwashed masses are lost.  When they think there is no more opportunity, they self-destruct, abandoning their responsibilities. 

Americans can go almost anywhere in the world if they bring money.  We feel sorry for the people who will Inherit them.  

They have no clans, no nation, no close family and no allegiance but to themselves and their rulers. 

They have no borders or bonds to anywhere other than to opportunities. 

They’re getting resistance to the injustice and oppression they commit on us and our land.  The natural world won’t allow us to be uprooted from our birthright.  

The rats are moving on.  The money they got from exploiting us should be dumped at our feet so we can set it on fire.

Along time ago elder Kanietahawi said, “One day we will tell our children that once upon a time there used to be white skinned people here.  Now they’re gone!”

When the last one leaves, take your stars and stripes rag with you.

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