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December 7, 2011

Mohawk Nation News: Super Zeros

Mohawk Nation News

MNN 6 Dec. 2011. The secret ruling cabal of an old European blood line is trying to run a fascist globe out of London, the financial capital of the world. Washington DC is the military capital and Vatican City is the religious capital. These are three city states with no allegiance to any country, except their own blood line.

The dictators at the top of the pyramid know the agenda. As power descends, they know less and less. At the bottom they know nothing.

The rulers dictate to the governments, banks, corporations and military through their hierarchy.

They control nations, towns, cities, regions and communities. Their serfs load the guns, fire them and die for them. They have been brainwashed through propaganda and patriotism. Flags, songs, heroes and holidays give them an artificial identity.

To make their servile people fearful, insecure and easier to control, the masters sent them from their mother land, to live on and exploit other peoples’ land sand resources for them. These wanderers have been lost ever since.

The cabal’s aggression takes many forms. The people are kept on a leash. Treats are sometimes offered as part of their conditioning.

The rulers hide, secretly spin webs and keep everybody trapped in debts and taxes to keep them down.

The political parties wear the same masks. President Obama claims to be different, but is pushing the cabal’s agenda. The two US parties are the repo-cons and demo-cons. Both have the same masters.

Independent candidates are a threat to the party system.

Taking care of one’s nest is natural. These invaders destroy the environment and expect others to clean up after them. It’s unnatural for them to look after the land because it’s not theirs!

They won’t change because the land itself will never recognize them. They are temporary occupiers. We Indigenous are the real deal!

They fear the unknown. There is repetitive shouting at them to condition them to the message of doom.

Something venomous and deadly controls their lives. They feel they can do nothing about it. They sometimes have a yearning for the “old country” but theydon’t know it. That is why they treat our land badly.
They fear this mysterious clandestine hand that imprisons them. Promotion of super beings is a way fort the serfs to bond with their rulers’ message.

Their mythology is that super heroes hide away and look out for them. These crusaders are saving the world,they are told. It’s meant to distract them from doing something about their own enslavement.

Their mind is taken off the economy, corruption, the murder of over 100 million Indigenous, theft of our resources, and so on. Not looking back at the truth and gobbling up the fantasies created for them gives a fake meaning to their lives.

The cabal is systematically destroying the US to create a global one party state. A world dictatorship cannot have other superpowers with financial and military might.

These old self declared super heroes eventually die and lose their power. They have to hang up their tights, speedos, capes and masks. The armed peasants are gnawing at their door. Friendless, who is going to bring these old farts their pills and their bed pans?

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