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February 5, 2012

Another Banned Book! Cantos Al Sexto Sol

By Roberto Rodriguez
Censored News

In Tucson, there is no one left to ban!

This book appears on the Cambium list of Mexican American Studies books, confirmed by director  Sean Arce, that it is one of the books that is part of the banned MAS-Tucson Unified School District  curriculum. This is a cultural treasure, the product of a generation of writers, multi-generational actually and multiracial and multicultural. More than 100 writers are included. That the MAS-TUSD curriculum has been outlawed, banished and that the books are being "stored" in the TUSD school depository means that these writers/authors have also been banished, whether it's called censorship or cultural genocide, our community is not backing down.

This book was originally edited by a cultural warrior named Cecilio-Garcia Camarillo 1943-2002 -- part of the original Floricanto - In Xochitl - In Cuicatl - Flower and Song generation. Descansa en Paz - Rest in Peace.

To see the table of contents (Welcome to the banned authors list... don't think there's anyone left to ban) go to:

Incidentally, we have not heard the last of the repression and repercussions as a result of HB 2281 and the TUSD suspension of MAS, etc.

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